2014 CIGT Skinpack 1.0

2014 CIGT Skinpack GT3

  1. Troy Barman
    2014 CIGT Skinpack for EEC GT3 Mod

    All cars from the 2014 CIGT Season included except #116 Ferrari (Model not avaliable)

    If 2013/16 CIGT Skinpack is installed, let it overwrite.

    GT Cup cars have an upgrade file to slow them down so they are not battling with GT3 cars.

    This was one of my first big skinpacks I ever did 2 years ago for GTR2 and I ported them over and went back through and touched all of them up.
    Corrected number fonts on nearly every car, corrected bad logo placement on many cars especially the #16 Porsche, aswell as added matte effect to certain cars.
    The Audi's are completely redone and look alot better than my first attempt.

    Alternate Livery's for Ombra Racing, Nova Race, and RC Motorsport are not included as the function doesn't work in AMS or I just havent figured it out yet...


    Patr1ot for the Mod
    All cars skinned by Sylphide

    Do not reupload this skinpack anywhere else without permission.

    20161218200343_1.jpg 20161218195413_1.jpg 20161218195317_1.jpg 20161218195254_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Badexample69
    Version: 1.0
    Best mod, best skins! 6 stars!
  2. Shad3R
    Version: 1.0
    Good Skins! Great Job!
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