2013 Panther Racing Dallara DW12 Livery 1.0

J.R. Hildebrand Dallara DW12 2013 IZOD IndyCar series National Guard #4 Chevrolet

  1. howitzer155mm
    One of my personal favorite paint schemes of the DW12, Panther Racing's 2013 Chevrolet United States National Guard livery.

    All .dds files go into:


    or whichever IndyCar you want to paint, create a directory first if you haven't already in the Tuning menu in-game. I'm sure you guys have it down.


    rFactor2 2016-01-03 22-06-30-97.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 22-08-21-58.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 22-09-17-62.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 22-38-46-45.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 22-41-36-02.jpg
    rFactor2 2016-01-03 21-54-52-88.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 23-02-51-68.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 23-02-42-53.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 23-02-58-80.jpg rFactor2 2016-01-03 23-03-16-15.jpg
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