2012 ADAC Masters #3 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3

2012 ADAC Masters #3 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3 1.3

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Final version changes! I completely reworked the orange color to reflect the brighter, higher contrast hue on the actual car. No more flat brownish orange! I also added matte exhaust ports to reflect the corrosion on the actual car's metal. Enjoy, and get ready to replicate the ADAC championship at the Kunos Ring!

After some additional experimenting, I found a way to add a nice blue accent to the front splitter edge of the car to match the blue fictional markings.

Now the car is finally complete! Enjoy the fictional mate to #4.
The update includes color revisions and logo adjustments like the real #4 car, as well as changes to the blue #3 designations, from the fender vents to the windscreen frame. I thought it looked better and more realistic. Also included is a 2k rear wing in blue to compliment the car, and 4k carbon textures made by me :)