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2010 Graff Racing Corvette 1.01

skin for the URD Corvette C6.R free mod

  1. Bernd Graf

    Presenting my latest project: replica of the 2010 FIA GT3 Graff Racing Corvette! Relive a little piece of Shift 2...without the surfboard physics :D

    The skin works with the URD free C6.R mod that can be downloaded for free at www.assettocorsa.net. Remember to become a member :)

    A special project for Andrea_gi, this skin is as close as I can manage on the GT2 spec template. Minor changes were adopted, including some modified doorlines. The wheels were kept black. One font is inaccurate, the mirror logos were stubborn and proved elusive. Other than these minor changes, every logo on this car is scratch made, from the from Michelin stickers to the www.give-me-hope.com apparel badges! Matched colors, flags, fonts, logo sizing, replica window banners, and replica rear wing manufacturer. Enjoy :)

    4578609359_ee06a344d5_o.jpg Screenshot_urd_egt_corvette_drag1000_18-2-2015-0-29-11.jpg Screenshot_urd_egt_corvette_drag1000_18-2-2015-0-27-1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jamie McManus
    Jamie McManus
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice skin mate, thanks.
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