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2010 BMW M3 E92 GTS

2010 BMW M3 E92 GTS 1.0

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A very special limited edition of the E92 series of M3, the GTS is 136kg lighter and produces 30hp of power and 40Nm of torque more than the standard M3.

With a whole new 4.4-liter V8 engine, its power level was upgraded to 444hp @8300rpm and 440Nm of torque @3750rpm (150rpm earlier than the standard), allowing for a 4.4s 0–100 km/h acceleration and a top speed of 305 km/h. These added reserves are channeled through a beefed up version of the M3's Getrag-engineered seven-speed M DCT (dual clutch transmission).

In addition, the GTS's rear axle subframe has been bolted firmly in position and the suspension features adjustment threads on the dampers for individual variation of the inbound and rebound strokes.

Its weight loss was achieved by the use of polycarbonate side and rear windows, the complete removal of the rear seats, less sound deadening, removal of the infotainment system, adoption of titanium rear silencers, lighter alloy wheels and front carbon fiber bucket seats with three-point belts.

New Brembo brakes were fitted with upgraded six-piston and four-piston brake calipers front and rear were added. Compared to the standard M3 the brake discs are 18 mm larger in diameter at the front and 30 mm larger at the rear.

Completing the changes is a roll cage and a new aerodynamic package, including an adjustable rear wing based on the corresponding component featured by the BMW 320si in the World Touring Car Championship.

All real life cars were finished in the exclusive "Individual BMW Fire Orange". Getting your hands on one of these cars still remains a tough job as only 150 units were ever produced - all being sold even before delivery began back in May of 2010 - making the GTS the rarest 'special edition' M3.


This car is designed to be driven primarily using paddle shifting with an optional automatic mode available via the garage electronic aids' settings. However a fictional full manual mode with disabled auto-lift on upshifts or auto-blip on downshifts for those wishing to use H-Pattern shifting and the heel and toe technique is also included as a possible setting upgradable via the car's showroom.

Factory Traction Control is turned off by default in the garage but can be turned on both via the electronic aids section of the setup or in-car at any moment using the respective input key bindings ("Vehicle TC previous" and "Vehicle TC next" keys).

Factory ABS is turned on by default in the garage but can be turned off both via the electronic aids section of the setup or in-car at any moment using the respective input key bindings ("Vehicle ABS previous" and "Vehicle ABS next" keys).


vBETA2 log:
+ Added new engine;
+ Added new tires;
+ Added advanced transmission;
+ Revised driveline;
+ Added new steering;
+ Added new AI physics;
+ Revised weight, inertia and wheel track;
+ Added a few color skins and vehicle files;
+ Added talent files;
+ Added tire management and start skills for the talent files;
+ Revised pit stops and aid penalties;
+ Revised cockpit cams and head physics;
+ Revised sound levels and added new AMS effects;
+ Revised starter sounds;
+ Added grinding sounds for misshifts (if driven with manual transmission and auto clutch off).
July, 2018.

v0.90 log:
+ Revised graphical offsets;
+ Revised shaders and model generators;
+ Added daytime lights;
+ Added 3D driver;
+ Added tire pickup and flat-spotting;
+ Added series and icon files;
+ Added AI overtaking bypassing and way points;
+ Added ABS, TC and Auto Shift settings;
+ Revised tires.
Dec 21, 2018

v0.91 log:
+ Revised driver eyepoint;
+ Revised file packaging.
Dec 21, 2018

v0.95 log:
+ Revised ABS, TC and Auto Shift settings;
+ Revised gear ratios;
+ Revised new AI physics;
+ Revised AI overtaking bypassing and way points;
+ Revised vehicle and team parameters;
+ Revised tires;
+ Revised driver's pivot points;
+ Revised sounds;
+ Added extra AI abilities and parameters;
+ Added blue flag behavior to the AI;
+ Revised advanced transmission;
+ Added backfire sounds;
+ Revised series rules.

v1.0 log:
+ Added new 3D models for the higher spec options;
+ Added new suspension;
+ Revised tires;
+ Revised transmission;
+ Revised inertia;
+ Revised rear wing's physics;
+ Revised pneumatic trail grip;
+ Revised brakes, response curves, heating, cooling and torque;
+ Revised brake fading characteristics;
+ Added brake glow geometries and textures;
+ Revised engine wear and hyper wear rates and instant blow up rpm;
+ Revised launch control parameters;
+ Revised electronic aids garage's settings;
+ Added upgradable and optional gearbox for standard auto, semi-auto and full manual modes;
+ Added AI start throttle and brake torque parameters
+ Revised tire softness and flat-spotting parameters;
+ Revised steering rotation angles and steering lock;
+ Added various new geometries and revised all shaders, textures and cubemaps;
+ Rebuilt 3D wheels and tires;
+ Revised dynamic tire textures;
+ Revised 22 vehicle files and pit groups;
+ Revised previous 3D models for lower spec use;
+ Revised talent files;
+ Added new color skins and revised all alphas;
+ Revised specular and bump maps for all materials;
+ Revised rearview mirrors;
+ Revised sound files and rebalanced SFX;
+ Fixed missing traction control and backfire sound bugs;
+ Revised driver;
+ Revised headlights and brakelights geometries;
+ Revised lights and lightflares textures;
+ Added upgradable headlights;
+ Revised all carbon fiber elements;
+ Revised cockpit and steering wheel geometries;
+ Revised all cockpit shaders, textures and cubemaps;
+ Added seatbelts and upgradable colors;
+ Revised penalties for non-native driving aids;
+ Revised series file and added launch banner;
+ Revised face data attributes for all geometries;
+ Rebuilt spinner and generator files;
+ Revised collision and shadows's geometries and gen settings;
+ Revised front bumpers and rear wing geometries;
+ Added recommended settings for the RealFeel Plugin;
+ Rebuilt cockpit instruments;
+ Revised car cameras;
+ Revised skins;
+ Revised manual shifting mode;
+ Revised engine's life time;
+ Revised AI tire grip;
+ Revised file packaging.
April 17, 2021.

DONE! For now... ;)

Latest reviews

Wonderful mod you've created (as always!)
The handling is spectacular!
Thanks a lot! :)
Excellent mod! Finally a car that drifts realistically. Thank you.
Superb mod, really fun!
Very good mod . I hope there will be a lot of skins .
Very authentic drive, beautiful looking and sounds great too. Thank you!
Amazing car
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131.7 MB
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