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2005 Ford Transit

2005 Ford Transit 1.0

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Not quite sure I believe it, but apparently this is finally finished.
So if commercial vehicles are your thing, this one is for you. Go get it.

If not, never mind. More non-van content from me to you soon (none of which would have been possible had I not learned how on this silly van… so there’s that).


Hefty box. Has everything it should, so 4x LODs, dirt/damage (not great looking but nevermind), interior/exterior lights, proper animations (with a few extras), the full shebang. Its still a van mind you, so don’t get your hopes up.

AI don’t seem to be in any particular rush, tried to get them to hurry up a bit but that’s the best they can do. If you can’t beat them then I’m so sorry, my condolences to you.

As for ‘that’ Nordschleife time, don’t expect to beat it straight away. Remember this is the ‘pre-modified’ version; which means no weight or drag reduction, no slipstream to follow, and no pro-driver pedalling it. So you should be aiming for the 10:23, not the 10:08. Maybe a little faster as we don’t have plebs in Porsche’s to navigate passed. If you still can’t beat that, then my condolences to you once more.

Get your skin templates here (2D/3D):

SFX: @iRacer5
Police Skin: @hal4000

Big thanks to those who did some testing these past few weeks to ensure (fingers crossed) there are no issues.

I also really appreciate the huge number of guys who have helped out in any way over the period this project has been ongoing over on the AC forums or here on RD, especially in those early days when I had literally no idea what I was doing (arguably still don’t).

Please be nice and don’t edit/modify, rehost, sell, rip/convert any of this (2D/3D/Physics/SFX) without asking.

I know some of you will be dying to throw this in your ‘cAr TuNer!!1!!’ app, but if you could refrain, that’d be lovely – some toastier versions of this will be coming in future that should fill that hole...


Finally, if you’re still not convinced (I don’t blame you), then check out these videos which give a decent overview of what you’re getting into (I wouldn’t listen to the first guy though, he speaks a lot of nonsense):

If you still want more, here is a very large album that spans almost 3 years of progress. Massive internet points if you can scroll through the whole lot: https://imgur.com/a/npS1y

If you fancy it, donation link below:

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Latest reviews

Wonderful. But i have no engine sound, any ideas?
Great Work, it's very enjoyable trying to set decent times with this beast, thank you for the work you have put in this mod and for sharing it with us.
This mod is excellent. Feels great and very fun to drive. The torque of the diesel is a nice change to the higher revving cars in AC.
I would REALLY want a left hand drive version with km/h on the speedometer though. Would be a gread addition to this mod.
Loved it, so much attention to detail
Absolute masterpiece in detail and driving. Perfect job :)
great job and funny action
classic RD review
Amazing !! :D
Would it be possible to get in a more realistic engine sound?
Asides from the sound thing: Bestest car mod ever! Very well done! Looks good, drives good, feels good <3
Crazy XD
I would've rated five stars if i actually had it. I have it downloaded, unpacked, and in the right folder, but it's not in the game. I'm going to assume that it's the company called "unknown" with nothing in it. Please fix it!
could someone create a Mercedes sprinter mod, would be cool
Awesome mod! so much fun to drive. Excited for more to come
Best mod for ac in RD!
Brings back all kinds of nightmares from work where I used to drive these things. Which just goes to show what a high quality piece of modding this is.
Love it... just one question, how do you get the onboard timer?
Should be somewhere in the setup menu - Generic, Stopwatch, 1 - something like that.
So much fun to drive it on Nordschleife.
But the turning signals don't work with the Custom Shaders mod?
Yeah this was made before I'd ever used the shaders patch. No promises but I'll look into adding turn signals for the update.
Finally downloaded and gave this a shot, OMG this mod does not only look, feel and sound incredible, is a whole lot of fun to drive or race in too. if anybody's still sat on the fence, just download it, you're missing out (",)
Awesome very enjoyable
Now is my time to beat Top Gear
Lovely van! Now i can carry spare tyres if i need a change of tyres in the middle of a track. Also, have you heard of a Transit with an XJ220 engine? would you mind making it?

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