2004 Michael Schumacher & Rubens Barrichello Helmets 2018-01-01

2004 Michael Schumacher & Rubens Barrichello Helmets

  1. scottm0351
    2004 Michael Schumacher Standard Helmet
    2004 Michael Schumacher Italian Grand Prix Helmet
    2004 Rubens Barrichello Helmet

    Installation Instructions:
    Open Ego ERP Archiver 6.1

    Go to:
    F1 2017 > asset_groups > animation_package > scenes > incardriver > 1980

    Open incardriver.erp

    Replace the corresponding helmet_d with the helmet_d you have selected for you career driver. Do the same for the helmet_s file

    I use the Generic Helmet 7 so I replace gem_07_helemt_d.tga with the helmet_d file
    Then I would replace gem_07_helemt_s.tga with the helmet_s file


    1. Paint.jpg
    2. Rubens Barrichello Helmet.jpg
    3. Paint Italian Grand Prix.jpg
    4. F1_2017_photo_20171225_024809.jpg
    5. F1_2017_photo_20171226_233259.jpg
    6. F1_2017_photo_20171225_040953.jpg
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