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2003 Takata #18 skin for GT500 JGTC NSX for Assetto Corsa

2003 Takata #18 skin for GT500 JGTC NSX for Assetto Corsa 0.337

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This is the first skin I've released publicly, so please be gentle!

I've always loved the yellow and white #18 Takata NSX from the old JGTC days, and from driving it in Gran Turismo 4. But it appeared that no one has made a skin for AC. So I grabbed my 1/18 AutoArt scale model of the car and went to work duplicating the livery. Upgraded to 4K textures. It's reasonably accurate, although the 3D model of the JGTC NSX is an older version that doesn't have the side intakes. So to my eye it looks a little odd. Anyway, let me know what you think, its not perfect but I think it is acceptable until someone comes along and does a better job. I hope you enjoy it.
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