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2002 Audi Sport Team Joest.  Lemans (VRC Auriel 8)

2002 Audi Sport Team Joest. Lemans (VRC Auriel 8) 2.0

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Small update to the Joest cars but then I did my take on the 2005 Audi France PlayStation car as well. Not 100% accurate as usual, but did my best to get it as close as I could. Enjoy.

Blacked out some cockpit bits that really grated my arse and I just couldn't help myself. There does not seem to be any other way to replace them, but at least they aren't in your face anymore. Now I'm done :)
Everyone is welcome to use the decals.png and decals.dds files from these skins.


Well since the update, the cockpit texture fix is broken it seems. Just delete the file as the texture cannot be extracted with an alpha channel. So we are stuck with the sh!t next level logo and fake Audi thingy.
Adjusted the positions of the number plates on the nose, and the O.Z Racing branding on the rims.
Sorry about the quick update.
Got my hands on a 1:18 model, so added some more logos and the correct no 3 car. Also had a look at the liveries in Project cars 2. Its still not 100%