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2001 CarSet Non-Tobacco & Alcohol Edition 1.1

Tobacco, brewery and beer sponsors - completely removed from all cars!

  1. airutonpurosuto8912
    Very huge thanks to @SATLAB90 for giving me permission to make all of them. This is a mod that removes all of the tobacco and brewery sponsors from the cars - except McLaren's Warsteiner.

    NOTICE: Why did I made them? The reason is that I make non-tobacco skins, because I don't smoke in my country. However, I make skins with tobacco inside.

    • Extract the "F1 2012" folder to your F1 2012 game directory.
    • If popup appears: click "Yes", if you have Windows 7.
    • If you have Windows 8, click "Replace the files in the destination".
    • Make sure that you have the 2001 CarSet by SATLAB90.
    • And at last, have fun!
    - Other variants of all these Non-Tobacco liveries

    - SATLAB90: Permission
    - ML2166: Template

    2001 BAR Non-Tobacco.PNG 2001 Benetton Non-Tobacco (#7 FISICO).PNG 2001 Benetton Non-Tobacco (#8 JENSON).PNG 2001 Ferrari Non-Tobacco.PNG 2001 Jaguar No-Tobacco.PNG 2001 Jordan Non-Tobacco.PNG 2001 McLaren Non-Tobacco (#3 MIKA).PNG 2001 McLaren Non-Tobacco (#4 DAVID).PNG
    2001 Williams Non-Tobacco.PNG
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