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2-way Traffic Layout for "Mount Akina" 2019-10-10

Touge, drift and race all-in-one with 2-way AI lanes

  1. alekabul
    The almost complete "Mount Akina" got the traffic that`s usually found in those roads. This loop covers the full distance. Screenshot_alpine_a110_mount_akina_2017_8-10-119-22-37-5.jpg Screenshot_a3dr_honda_s800_mount_akina_2017_9-10-119-6-21-12.jpg Screenshot_bo_caterham_165_rhd_mount_akina_2017_9-10-119-5-54-19.jpg View attachment 328599 -Screenshot_a3dr_honda_s800_mount_akina_2017_9-10-119-6-14-49.jpg Screenshot_alpine_a110_mount_akina_2017_8-10-119-22-38-32.jpg

    : after you install and verify the track`s all original layouts working extract from "Akina 2-way.7z" into the track`s folder "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\mount_akina_2017\" and confirm the prompts.
    It adds a layout for play in "Trackday" / "Weekend" with up to 31 opponents.
    CM akina.jpg

    Sources - search like so.
    Skin for greener and sharper background hills at 8k you can find here.

    If you activate the skins it`s useful to modify the traction of the road surface grip.jpg in "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\mount_akina_2017\layout_2way\data\surfaces.ini". 0.85 will give you nice rain wet surface without puffs of smoke and 0.68 will be the frozen white and your winter tires without the tire skreech.

    If you want "Takane deck" to reveal the glory of the far horizon like the real one you need to hide from rendering a tree wall
    Takane.jpg This paragraph is in "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\tracks\mount_akina_2017.ini". If there are more objects to hide observe proper numbering of paragraphs.

    If "head movement" makes you dizzy there`s no need to turn off "Neck FX", just set to "0" this

    Some corrections can make the track even nicer. Without editing the model you can try the included "move_mountain" or the Stalin-Beria approach "hide_mountain". Screens and readme`s are in the package. If you don`t like the outcome don`t forget to remove this files you added in "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\..".

    Please don`t ask me for help on bug fixing the original. It`s a vast field of possible scenarios ... I`ll help troubleshoot only the 2-way layout. Even before you ask - pits cannot be fixed without editing the model. If you can manage renaming to "1PIT" in 3DSimED
    -3d pit.jpg
    3d pit.jpg
    the "surfaces.ini" is already prepared and should work for you.

    Happy driving!
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