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2-way Traffic Layout for "Bernese Alps" 2019-10-20

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Swiss authorities have stepped in and cleaned the road of every bit of dirt. Just in time for you to draw a new tire scrub art of your own. Beware of the moving obstacles - other drivers are not considerate at all to where you drive. Keeping mainly to the right lane helps avoiding collisions, watch out for whiplash and go full "banzai" on those Y-junctions.

Install: get the full track (link from the description) and then extract all from "2-way Traffic Layout for Bernese Alps.7z" into your "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\alps\" folder confirming the prompt. This adds one more layout for the 2-way and doesn`t change the rest.
CM alps.jpg

This layout works in Race / Trackday / Weekend.

If you like better the look of the track without the skid marks you can have any of the layouts clean if you edit the corresponding "models_********.ini"

After deleting the paragraph for "alps4.kn5" you have to correct the numbering of the paragraphs that come next. Other benefit is the decrease in load on the GPU from less objects for rendering.
Other visual improvements by @Mascot you can find here. Just don`t follow the instruction to overwrite but instead look at the paragraph structure of the "models_********.ini" and edit to add the models for the balloons and helicopters. Like this:
alpsp vis.jpg

Copy from any of the layouts in the Mascot`s zip and paste the paragraphs for dynamic objects, and save. In this post I propose some different paths for the helicopters. Of course don`t forget to extract the .kn5 models in the track`s folder.

The track v1.5 has the clever stFlow shader by @Stereo and you can enjoy the pretty dynamic lake in this version if you install the small and very capable shader by following the instructions in the first paragraph. Then for more visual improvements of the lakes and materials see this.

Happy driving!
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thx again for another road/circuit traffic, any chance getting 2 way working traffic for Aspertsham Gemrna roads, there are only few pits though. or Alps Provence!
Aspertsham = no dice... Tried it and it`s no fun, just piles of crashed cars. I can put the pits in but the road is too narrow.
I`ll keep doing traffic for any normal road that works out ok.
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