2 Blue McLarens 2016-04-16

Mp4 29 and Verizon style

  1. MrTheRacer
    Lets bring back Blue to the grid of F1 2014

    I am one of those people who dont like using other cars chasis to make skins ( i dont know why)

    Known issue: when going through shadows or in darker areas car is a bit black on some parts im looking into the fix

    V1 is just blue and yellow repaint of 2014 mclaren
    F1_2014 2016-04-16 13-11-55-02.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 13-12-18-34.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 13-12-21-33.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 13-12-30-85.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 13-12-42-60.jpg

    V2 is my 2016 and Austin 2013 ( i belive) combined livery
    F1_2014 2016-04-16 14-15-18-76.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 14-15-27-90.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 14-15-31-69.jpg F1_2014 2016-04-16 14-15-50-57.jpg

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2016-04-16
    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. No other words.
    1. MrTheRacer
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate :)
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