1st person view Helmets and visors pack 1.0

For VisorXForce

  1. gergerger
    I've been working on high-quality helmet ovelays for the VisorXforce phyton app. The result are these 25 helmet overlays, which I will expand if needed.

    • All logos are 100% vectorized, ensuring optimal quality.
    • Visor colours are high-quality..
    • I went for a "no blur" look, as I feel like my eyes naturally blur the helmet overlay when I'm focused on the road.
    • The back of the vinyl is normally neutral grey, or white, so every helmet's decal "should" look as a grey rectangle from the inside (unless, of course, that you were using frosted or clear vinyl, which is not the case of these kind of decals, as these materials reduce the opacity on the front).

    Hope you enjoy it.
    blue tint.jpg
    Helmets and Visors.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Gabyzen64
    Version: 1.0
    Wow really nice, can you do the same for the Visor X 2.4 app? I'd love to have the same visors there too, I can not get out of Assetto Race since I met this app so realistic in the vision. Funny really, thank you man.
    1. gergerger
      Author's Response
      Thanks, mate. Sorry, don't know what a v2.4 Visor file should be like, I thought they were all png.
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