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1ST Person FOV Mod 1.0

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This moves the driver's view back a little so you can see your arms and the bike a little. It also works with the Compact edition, but ideally you want to unpack this file with Mixfile ReMixer, take the CAMERAS folder, unpack the file from Compact, insert the new CAMERAS in it, then repack the file you took from Compact with Mixfile ReMixer. That way, you get the new camera view without changing all your menus.
cool !
This is amazing.
Thank you very much for this, I've never knew this is even possible, maybe I would do it by myself otherwise... :)
I play this game ALWAYS with 1st person mode, it's much more realistic in this mode than MOTO GP series to me, with all those jumps. :)
I have one question, but I would ask it on "support page", like they ask from us.