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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

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1994 Sauber

1994 Sauber 1.0

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** 1994 SAUBER C13 SKIN **
It's something planned to be released last year. It's one of my 1994 car skins for F1 2014. It's the Sauber C13.
Always make a backup before you install this!

  1. Extract the "cars" folder into your F1 2014 game directory.
  2. Enjoy playing, then.
Little picture preview of the car, it's tweaked.
1994 Sauber.PNG

Latest reviews

Thanks for the legendary liveries as always! :)
Deleted member 161052
No problem!
This is great skin.
Deleted member 161052
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