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1992 Mercedes E190 EVO 2 Skin Pack 2.1

ks_mercedes_190_evo2 DTM 1992 Skin Pack

  1. Added 1992 Mercedes E190 EVO 2 Skin Pack

    Added DTM 1992 Mercedes E190 EVO 2 Skinpack.
    Helmets added. (Not perfect) ;)


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  2. Completely New created Skins

    The old Skin was one of my first Skin made ever. That is already 4 Years ago. It was Time to improve the Quality of the Skins. :)

    Now two Skins

    #5 Ellen Lohr
    #6 Keke Rosberg
    Changed Driver Suite.
    Changed Helmets.

    Screenshot_ks_mercedes_190_evo2_norisring_12-7-119-0-38-26.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_190_evo2_norisring_12-7-119-0-35-32.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_190_evo2_norisring_12-7-119-0-37-9.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_190_evo2_norisring_12-7-119-0-36-55.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_190_evo2_norisring_12-7-119-0-35-50.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_190_evo2_norisring_12-7-119-0-33-23.jpg

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  3. Berlin 2000 DTM Mercedes 190 EVO II

    Now some Signatures on the car. :)


    1. DTM1.jpg
    2. DTM2.jpg
    3. DTM3.jpg
    4. DTM4.jpg
    5. DTM5.jpg
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