1991 Driver Name Sound files for Spotter 2.17 1.0

Set of driver name mp3 files for the 1991 F1 season, for use with Carlo Maker's Spotter 2.17

  1. Keith Windsor
    Here's a set of driver name mp3 files, for the 1991 F1 season, for use with Carlo Maker's excellent Spotter 2.17 plugin.

    To install:
    Copy the files into

    GameData\Sounds\Pit\English Spotter Soundpack by F1Dave\Driver folder.

    make sure you put them INSIDE THE DRIVER FOLDER.

    **The only file that will be overwritten is the Michael Schumacher file. I have changed the pronunciation of the name Schumacher so that it matches European pronunciation. (If you prefer the original, I have included it in the folder as well).

    All other files were recorded by me using Audacity mixing software - I had to try and mimic the voice and then raise the pitch and tone to match the orignal spotter voice. It is not 100% perfect but it is close enough, I think, and with background radio static it works very well :)

    Once the files are copied into the folder, you can activate them by ticking 'dynamic driver names' box in the Spotter Config tool.

    From then on, if you have set spotter up correctly, you should hear messgaes like 'Ayrton Senna has taken pole position', or 'Satoru Nakajima is out of the race'.

    Includes 27 driver names from the 1991 Formula 1 season, and some alternative versions for some of them if you wish to swap the files and try them instead (you can have 'Mansell', 'Senna', 'Berger' and a few other surname only, instead of their full names).
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