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1990 NASCAR Winston Cup Series

1990 NASCAR Winston Cup Series 1.0

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NASCAR 1990 preview.png

60 skins included from the 1990 season. These original CUP90 skins have been upscaled to 2k using Neural Enhance.

The cars can be downloaded here and also require this driver model to work.

Thanks to Denis Rioux for the original mod and allowing this conversion to AC, cc48 & psugorilla for painting this set, Darren Schier and Christopher M Dwyer for converting the car to AC, and also thanks to James Twitchell, Dave Holder, and Jopa Joe for additional help in the Assetto Corsa Nascar Mod Facebook group.

Guide to make separate season (highly recommended)
If you wish to separate these skins into their own car files, follow these steps:
1. Unpack the data.acd for each CUP90 car using Content Manager.
2. Make a copy of each CUP90 car folder and rename it to indicate this season's year.
3. Delete the data.acd from the new copy folders.
4. Replace the skin folder with this season's skins.
5. Add this season's year to the car names in each ui/ui_car.json file to find it easier in Content Manager.
6. Replace the car's sound with one from the original CUP90 cars using Content Manager.


Dale Earnhardt, 1990 Champion
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