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1988 McLaren Marlboro Livery

1988 McLaren Marlboro Livery 1.0

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Skin mod, based on McLaren 1988 Livery.


Reminder, this is supposed to be installed using the EGO archiever. Replace the files that the livery you choose and should work just fine

Unfortunately, for some reason I haven't been able to make this work in my own game, but I know they do because I tested it multiple people. The skins just don't show and get blurry. If you know something that could be causing that, hit me up because I wanna produce more and more content!

Also, consider making a donation to support! :)
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Pedro Sousa
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Great job, brother! Eu tava querendo muito essa pintura há tempos pra fazer uma equipe do Senna
looks great and works fine. this is the one livery i've been waiting on thanks. i just imported the 4 myteams and fom car and it showed up. suit next?
Great job man!!