1979 Super Skinpack - All teams! - RSS Formula 79 - 4k

1979 Super Skinpack - All teams! - RSS Formula 79 - 4k 1.41

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My RSS '79 Complete Collection!

This Pack includes 53 liveries for 18 Teams from the 1978/79/80 seasons. Kind of a "Best-Of", if you so want :D


Every car comes with a fitting, fully customised pitcrew and pitbox.
Every driver wears his own, carefully replicated helmet.
All in crisp 4k textures.


Screenshot taken by @J C

Take a look at some examples:
__custom_showroom_1643302588.jpg __custom_showroom_1643302641.jpg
__custom_showroom_1643302631.jpg __custom_showroom_1643302616.jpg

All Teams and drivers included:

Brabham Alfa Romeo ( + white variant)
#1 - Niki Lauda
#2 - John Watson
( + #5 and #6 - Nelson Piquet variant)

Tyrell elf Formula 1
#3 - Didier Pironi
#4 - Patrick Depailler

JPS Team Lotus (From the one and only Alman)
#5 - Mario Andretti
#6 - Ronnie Peterson

Martini Racing Team Lotus
#5 - Mario Andretti
#6 - Ronnie Peterson
(+ #1 and #2 variants)

Marlboro Team Mclaren (+ Löwenbräu Liveries)
#7 - James Hunt
#8 - Patrick Tambay

ATS Racing Team
#9 - Hans Joachim Stuck
#10 - Keke Rosberg

Scuderia Ferrari (+ "Sigma" Testing Livery)
#11 - Jody Scheckter
#12 - Gilles Villeneuve

Copersucar Fittipaldi
#14 - Emmerson Fittipaldi
#17 - Alex Ribeiro

Equipe Renault elf (+ Equipe Alpine Renault!)
#15 - Jean-Piere Jabouille
#16 - René Arnoux

Team Surtees Beta '78 and Aurora '79
#18 - Alexander Furiani
#19 - Beppe Gabbiani

Samson Team Shadow
#20 - Jan Lammers
#21 - Elio De Angelis

Tissot Team Ensign '78 + '79
#22 - Derek Daly
#23 - Lamberto Leoni

Merzario Formula 1 Team
#24 - Arturo Merzario

Ligier Gitanes Formula 1
#25 - Jacky Ickx
#26 - Jaques Laffite

Saudia Williams Gran Prix
#27 - Alan Jones
#28 - Clay Regazzoni

Arrows Warsteiner Formula 1 (2 varriations)
#29 - Jochen Maas
#30 - Ricciardo Patrese

Autodelta / Alfa Romeo (+ white varriant)
#35 - Bruno Giacomelli
#36 - Vittorio Brambilla

Puuuh, thats a lot :D
I know this isn't 100% accurate. Not every driver drove in that exact team in 1979, and not every team competet with two cars. As I said in the beginning, this is more of my personal "Best-Of" for the era this beautifull RSS 1979 represents. For the few cars that are missing, let's see what the future brings...
Get this amazing car HERE if you dont already have it!

And as a Bonus:
A Safety-Car livery for the BMW M1 Procar!

No, this was never a real thing, but it just fits so well in my opinion! Not very usefull for singleplayer races, but maybe an online championchip? ;)

Making this pack took a lot of time and work. If you really like what I did here, please consider donating a small amount, it really helps me to find time making these skins. Thank you!

I hope you like my take on this, enjoy!

Cheers, Leon

If you would like some ficticious teams for this car like Porsche, Audi, Honda, Bugatti or many more, check my profile and keep an eye out for more to come...

Reviews, feedback or other comments are always appreciatet!

PS: If anyone who knows how to make nice screenshots sees this and would like to take some, please share them here.

The included MOMO gloves <<<

You do NOT have permission to modify and reupload my work!
If you would like to please just ask me.
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    Forgot about the safety car, sorry! It got the same texture upgrade as all the other skins of...
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Latest reviews

Excellent skinpack, thank you!
Thank you very much :D
This is next level, man. Fantastic work! I run full length Grand Prixs cars, usually at Spielberg. So it'll be fun simulating the races from all three seasons there.
Thank you very much man!
I do the same at the Oestereichring :D Actually produces some fun racing :D
Grace Dylan
Great pack, even with some glaring errors (in 79 Hunt was with Walter Wolf not Mclaren for example).
Thank you very much!
Yeah I know, accuracy was not my first concern for this pack. I was more going for the general era and feeling this car represents. But some things will be fixed in the next updates, when I get around to them :D
Simply amazing set!!! Thank you very much for this. I cant seem to get the good year tires to show, is there something simple I am missing?
Hi, very amazing and detailed skins but I'm afraid you have forgotten one team, Hector Rebaque's privateer Team Rebaque it would be really cool if you could add this one.
Thank you very much!
I realized that too, he will come in a future update!
I really like your skins! One small note, after they are based mainly on the 1979 season, is it possible to add the Helmet of Carlos Reutemann to the #6 Martini liveried Lotus?
Thank you very much!
Just did so ;)
RSS Formula 79 + these incredible skins = the stuff dreams are made of...
Thank you very much! :D
An outstanding collection of skins. I already had the full 31 drivers 1979 season in my collection most of them 2K including driver suits and gloves but not quite finished off as i'd like. With your pack in addition to that I then had 61 different skins. I have spent the evening consolidating everything and now have 35 skins of the highest quality all 4k with suits, gloves, helmets and really only had to swap a few drivers around. You have saved me a lot of work. Many many thanks indeed.
You're welcome :D Thank you very much.
Suits are something I should look into...
Amazing Job!
Thank you very much!
The skins are super high quality and genuinely amazing! There's only 1 thing I noticed and that's the number 21 Samson livery being the same as the 20 livery. However in writing this review you literally updated it!

Top stuff!
;) Thank you very much!
Great work! Awesome!!
Thank you very much!
Monumental effort! Thanks.
Yeah this took a while :D Thank you!
These skins are incredible.
Thank you very much!
I love old racecar liveries and this skinpack is amazing - even the livery.pngs look the business! Thank you for sharing your work thejqka!
The devil sits in the details :D Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
Wow :O
Thank you!
Out of no where, what a fantastic livery pack for the long needed RSS. Well done!
Been a long time in the making :D Thank you very much!
AMAZING stuff !
Thank you so much mate! Always means a lot coming from you :D

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