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1976 Ferrari 312T Grand Prix / Quick Race Enabled 1.1

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This is my first Database Modifying mod. and i was playing around with it until i got this :D. its still a work in progress and if theirs any ideas, leave it down in the comments

(NOTE *the Driver Profile pictures are not in the Database, and i dont know how to import them into the game as of yet)

-Can Only be used Offline!
-Can only have a 2 driver grid.
-NOTE *The AI is incredibly Quick*

[note] I shall be working on improving this mod further, in the near future with:
-driver statistics
-driver profile images
-full 12 car grid with the 1980s content

And possible a alternate mod with lauda vs hunt ;)...... If possible with a mclaren car livery and the multi car livery mod!
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  1. 1976 Ferrari 312T Grand Prix / Quick Race Enabled 1.1

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Great, 80's cars!!! B-)
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