1974 Dodge Monaco 0.9.5

made famous by the Blues Brothers

  1. Stereo
    This is a 1974 Dodge Monaco, with police upgrade package - base trim, heavy duty suspension, high output engine.

    In the 80s the Blues Brothers drove one because it was cheap.

    version 0.9 does not yet include LODs or Blues-Brothers-specific paraphernalia ('the PA system', copious amounts of dirt) due to wanting to get this released and time crunch. I'm gonna be out of town for a while and can't work on it so at least what's there is usable.

    Like the F350, this is me attempting to build mods on a shorter timeline by cutting corners. In other words, 'perfect is the enemy of done' - I know it's not perfect, at least it's done. This is about 4x as much time as the F350 for a higher quality but not full featured model.

    3 speed automatic is the only transmission originally offered so to get right you should really turn on auto-shifting.

    The mod comes with a fairly extensive Content Manager skin ini but doesn't preview accurately on the metallic skins since CM isn't using AC's shader files.


    1) open 7zip file
    2) extract contents to Assetto Corsa folder
    3) (optional) use JSGME or CM to install the shader mod it comes with - overwrites stock shader, please mod responsibly and use a mod manager so you don't lose your original files

    - road version with 18 exciting factory paint colours and 1 that's not
    - police version with 4 exciting police liveries and 1 that's not
    - driver wearing a hat


    About that Weird Shader Thing
    This takes advantage of an unused channel in the maps texture to indicate skins that should use the new mode.
    To enable it, create a maps texture with alpha less than 255 on any material that uses ksPerPixelMultimap_damage_dirt.
    Once enabled it makes the following changes:
    - maps red channel is used as AO on ambient and maps' blue channel, so diffuse texture can skip it. (this is mostly good for AO on dark skins where dds-compression made the gradients look bad. But also it saves on filesize on single color skins since only the maps texture needs to be full resolution, not the diffuse)
    - maps green channel is similar to before - controls specular size and reflection sharpness. Actual size functionality is different from the original - it now gets softer at medium map brightness to give better dynamic range at both ends of the spectrum.
    - maps blue channel is modified from before - original functionality is compressed to 0 to 127, if you go above that you add chromeness. At 255 it's full on, reflect-any-direction chrome
    - maps alpha channel controls specular and reflection colour. At 0, both use diffuse colour. At 127, only specular uses diffuse colour, reflections are white. At 254 both are white. As above, at 255 it uses the old shader functionality.
    - reflection fresnel behaviour with darker shades of blue is changed (used to turn the paint black)
    - dirt behaviour is changed (removes glossness less quickly)
    Skins included with the car take advantage of this by putting specular colour in the diffuse texture, and then having the detail texture multiply it down to the final paint colour. This is essentially backwards compatible as the final paint colour is unchanged, just that the diffuse texture's not white anymore.


    - Stereo: model, textures, physics
    - A3DR: textures
    - mclarenf1papa: physics
    - CC: the horn

Recent Reviews

  1. Konakovoracer
    Version: 0.9.5
    Очень классная машина! Спасибо большое автору, искренне желаю ему дальнейшего роста и побольше таких потрясающих работ :)
  2. TheExtraMile
    Version: 0.9.5
  3. JZStudios
    Version: 0.9.5
    You traded the Bluesmobile for this?
  4. jlnprssnr
    Version: 0.9.5
    Handles like a boat and I love it.
  5. Danny kung
    Danny kung
    Version: 0.9.5
    Probably should have given my rating earlier, but hey here I am.
    Thanks for the mod, fabulous as usual. Nice additions. I feel the physics are accurate and don't need further polishing or anything. Ready for the 1.0 release!!
  6. DS6160
    Version: 0.9
    Beautifully modelled. This car in deep purple caught my attention straight away.

    This bad boy has got a lot of grunt. The engine sound matches that perfectly, though I have never heard one in real life.

    One tiny issue is that in showroom, the cockpit view isn't working on both the civilian variant and the police one.
  7. DejaVuMan
    Version: 0.9
    The quality of the model itself is accurate as well as handling, and power-wise is very era accurate with a remarkably true to life transmission; engine sounds alright, but on the outside, the engine revs sounds like they're being taken over by a Vtec motor at high revs! I'm pretty certain a huge V8 from the 70's isn't going to sound like this and it ruins some of the fun.
  8. RasFafa
    Version: 0.9
    Amazing track, thank you for sharing!
  9. Phoenix77
    Version: 0.9
    What an awesome car... superbly executed, and great fun.
    Big thanks for the Highway Patrol skin... Looks so at home on my crazy Californian tracks. Fantastic work as always!
  10. Enderfailer
    Version: 0.9
    Really cool car and very well made, but does the reving on the outside reallly sound that high?
  11. nothing
    Version: 0.9
    You're on a mission from God.
  12. gecco
    Version: 0.9
    I've never driven in such a car IRL, but it excactly feels and sounds like I would have imagined it. For best driving experience, set assetto corsa to auto gears and auto clutch. Love the attention to details like the wind noise. Now i have to rewatch the movie as well:D
    Fantastic work!
  13. tony0731
    Version: 0.9
    Very Nice
  14. CapitanulHaos
    Version: 0.9
    Awesome work
  15. Stuntman Daz
    Stuntman Daz
    Version: 0.9
    Do I want to drive the Bluesmobile? Hell yes I do!
  16. Nicecuppatea
    Version: 0.9
    Love the physics on this, you can feel it start to slide but it's perfectly controllable, really good fun. I've been patrolling the Mulsanne straight trying to cut down on the shocking amount of speeding there.
  17. Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett
    Version: 0.9
  18. Dreamliner
    Version: 0.9
    Absolutely amazing car and idea. Many many thanks for that great mod.
  19. MarlonVevo1
    Version: 0.9
  20. backstreet
    Version: 0.9
    Great mod,amazing work for which I would like to thank you very much,the old fire chief car and old ambulance car would be useful for the collection
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