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1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM

1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.32

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Finally, get rid of DLC need to use the GTAM
some bug fixin'

Data folder packed.
Gauges' glass less reflective.
As i progress to know physics misteries, is time to put some new tricks on oldies.

Suspensions are totally re-done.
The rear now is properly done, with the infamous "slittone" keepin' the roll center really low, and the rear end well planted and easy to menage on full gas.
The front is adjusted with the real tricks they did long time ago, upper joint raised, to have some camber gain on bump. ( This mod also rise a bit front roll center, and give a little bump steer to the car too, as a trade-off).

Now the car behaves like the real one in 70s, like the famous way of cornering on 3 wheels.

Fixes also in brakes, power and tires.

Better textures for tires, and some CSP eye-candy
-Brand new sound
-Changed name of the folder, for fixing errors with scripts that load servers, like SRS
  • After some feedback, decided to rework suspensions, basically, front. Redone, photomatching it to photos as much as was possibile. Worst problem was the tie rod, which i took amost identical from kunos GTA in geometry, but was in reality much much off.

  • Separated the headlights so you can turn the inner lights on separately (assigned as Extra_A) ( thanks to @luathas )
  • FFB multiplier reduced
  • little changes in setup values
  • Added lods B and C
  • Some tweaks to handling, now rear is stiffer, but with less ARB, added some caster and removed some front lift. Some fixing to tires.
  • Some audio tweaks
  • Some minor fix on textures
  • Added Skin Psd for skinners