1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM

1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.1

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Three words: fun, fun and ... fun!
Thanks, excellent job!
A very fun to drive car, loves to get wide through turns but totally catch-able.
thank you very much.
The update is exellent. I drove this car from first release, and now it is even better! So enjoyjable! Thank You again.

The latest release is great fun! And there are a lot of skins to add. Good job!
excellent mod !!
Drives and looks great, feels just like the Kunos RS Mk1 Ford Escort Car )

I swapped the sound with the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale in content manager )

quick vid of 1st go here:

Thanks again.
The suspension update made a big difference. The car behaves much more so I could imagine it should.
Brilliant piece of work. 10 stars if I could.
Ottimo aggiornamento,grazie per il tuo fantastico e duro lavoro !
As a old GT legend lover... I'm very happy to see your post this morning!

Great job on this amazing car thank you
great car ,so wicked to drive (any chance mk 1 lotus cortina i
Wow, crazy beast, and a VERY well made mod, thank you!!!
De toute beauté !!
Wild ride! I love it.
a must !
thank you
Wow, nice work. This is so much fun to drive and is my new favourite thing to throw around. I had a good session on Horsma Circuit and it is quite lively both on the throttle and under brakes, so that gets a thumbs up from me. Very fun to drive right on, and over the limit with it.

The only issue I have is with sound because the engine sfx are deafening compared to other cars, so for now I replaced sound with the the Kunos Stradale in content manager. Not accurate I guess, not as rumbly but it has that awesome raw sound.

I'm still rating 5 because the driving absolutely makes up for what is not really much of a problem. I have a big grin when I drive it and that is what matters.
Pure intake noise, great fun and highly recommended, a proper drivers car
Amazing to drive!
its a goddamned blast, with minor changes to turn engine audio down and reduced FFB levels it would be a masterpiece. thanks for the great content
Fantastic Work.
Love the model, and really enjoy the handling of this car.

Road to the 6 stars rating:
-FFB reduced (to match with kunos standards);
-A more polished sound.

Hope you consider these suggestions on some further updates :)
Really lovely little bundle of evil joy.

The handling is super fun and 'predictably unpredictable' when at the edge. This is a good thing.

After a few laps of Oulton and Brands I started to understand the chassis and it just keeps on giving. Lapping the Nords is a test of concentration, but really satisfying when it all flows together.

I adore this car on the Horsma track.

Sound is a little flat, but this isn't much of a problem with Content Manager's magic wand.

Can't wait to see how the car evolves.

Oh yeah... The skins are wonderful.

Looking forward to more of your creations.
Thanks for the Alfa!
Wow! Amazing job! Love the handling of the car. Please make a Ferrari 250 GT SWB with track skins, we miss this car in the game !
Wow, very nice car. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure the reviews are accurate. Thanks to all involved. Donation on the way.
What an amazing car! No wonder it ruled so much.

If i may note 2 points that could be improved in the future, the force feedback is a bit on the strong side in my opinion and there's a bit of difference between the on and off throttle volume.

Thank you for this!
Great job, thank you!
the car itself it's pretty good but PLEASE add the animation to the rev counter or optimize it for the CSP
Wonderful! Thanks for this!
Great update,thanks for sharing !
Great Car - Thank You!!
All stars for the choice of car. This has been so anticipated. Looks cool too.
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