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#12 Team Penske Verizon Will Power (RSS Formula Americas 2020)

#12 Team Penske Verizon Will Power (RSS Formula Americas 2020) 1.0

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Hello everyone once more, I bring today the new black verizon livery of the 2014 Indycar driver championship winner and 2018 Indy 500 winner.

This version is 8k, but I'm thinking to reduce it in next versions due my pc can't barely edit this.

I will add more images later*




No helmet suit or any other texture than the car, so if you are willing to do the helmet or any other texture, let me know!

Car and some add-ons:

The Indy500 tyres are from here (I think it's this post)

Credits to Mahad for the "RSS Formula America onboard real logos"

Latest updates

  1. Road version added

    Road version added (and some fixes in the livery) Added placeholders as helmet, suit and gloves...

Latest reviews

AWESOME, with this skin i started using again the Americas too!
really stunning,
i didn't use it so much, i just focused on the FH21 and the RSS 2 but with this skin i started using the americas again, great great job
Glad to read that :D
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Awesome! I'm never the type of person that would request mods, but if you'd consider making the Hitachi paint scheme for Joseph Newgarden it'd mean the world to me. I've wanted that livery so badly for that car and even was thinking of making it for a while but I don't have the time at the moment. Thanks for all of your work on these fantastic Penske skins!
Do you mean the black white he's using for the Indy 500 this week? That was my next livery to do in the list, but if you mean the famous Hitachi black and white, that has been made by ernestopaniccia some months ago. Nice you like them :)
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Thanks! I was going to make this skin. But you've beaten me to it. Great Job! Looking forward to the update.
Glad you like it. I did it immediately after Scott Mclaughlin car has the same structure in brands and lines. Don't hesitate that if you want to finish be free to release it in the section :)
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