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zonda physics (calling all tuners)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by moonlock, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I found an stl of a zonda on a royalty-free non-commercial use 3d site and have wrangled it into rough shape and got it to load up in racer. Time to sort out last few details, paint it, and get on to sorting out physics.


    I used the gumpert apollo as a template, so it's currently pretty much an apollo with a zonda body and some minor tweaks that were obvious (weight, etc.).

    Don't even know where to start... Had a poke around for detailed tech specs, but didn't make much headway. Any guidance would be very much appreciated. I don't figure I'll get it 100% accurate, but would like to try and get it at least somewhat close.


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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

  3. Good work man !

    Don't forget to read in depth :

    & then you can test the car with my free tracks here :

    Let us know if you have any issues but be patient before asking anything, there's so much to know...
    Enjoy man !

    G25 HardCore Sim Driver
    SoftTH / Tripple Screen Config [Surround Gaming]
    Racer Pro Developer / Debugger
  4. Many, many thanks! Yes, patience. ohhhhmmmmm.

    The 'r' - i didn't' even get that far at first ;)

    Trying not to pick up any more black-hole-of-time hobbies, but this is too much fun. Got to ration myself for time, so i'll just be chipping away at all this for a while...

    Got a modeling->dof workflow working ok, so figured i'd get a couple more of my favorite cars started. I'm a rhino guy so it's a bit convoluted, but works well. Building a gt40, db9 and p1. when i'm a bit better at this i'd like to build a perfect 918.

    The part that's really got me scratching my head at the moment is the suspension and pacejka stuff. As a newb am I better off just stripping stuff that I know works from similar cars out of their car.ini files or trying to find detailed suspension specs?

    The zonda has so much more power than the apollo (900 vs 600!!) that I'm wondering the best way to get it to handle more better.

    Things i'm a bit stuck on:

    Educated guessing (ref similar cars) suspension travel and damping should be ok?

    Pacejka can/cannot be fudged?

    How do you dial in braking, i.e. what is best left alone and what can you freestyle?

    I realise that these questions could take hundreds of pages of writing to explain properly, more looking for a nudge in the right direction.

    thanks again!
  5. whoops - 760, not 900. been diving in on a P1, too many numbers in my head... I think the p1 engine is about the same 720(?) but there's the epower bringing it up to 900.
  6. just to follow up...

    found some files on the web with suspension definitions for other sims, have started converting the info to racer format.

    cheers all!
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  7. For the road cars you're playing with, probably best to grab the Gallardo V2 I released an update for a while back.

    More than anything it's got a pretty well balanced car.ini file with most of the latest features and ok pacejka for a starting point etc.

    Just work your way from there.

    I do lots of Racer stuff by feel, but you can always do things by the numbers too... but eventually Racer isn't a complete sim for road cars especially, so you have to make compromises to get things feeling nicer.

    Just post specifics when you get stuck on them, that is the best way to feel your way through making a good car.ini imo!


  8. cheers,

    Ok, making some progress. exports from 3ds arrive in the right place now and suspension/tires locations working out ok without forcing things into place with obviously wrong numbers.

    Trying to pick my battles. The whole pacejka thing is a bit much for me while also getting my head around the basics of car physics. I'm afraid that 'testing' (driving around and seeing how it feels) may be compromised by wonky tire slip definitions.

    Getting a little stable going, mostly based around the modern LMP1 level of performance (900-1000kg, 800-1000 torque), so having standard tires would be fine for now.

    So, my real question is: Does anyone have good profiles for current, or relatively current LMP1 tires they are willing to share?

    thanks again.
  9. Probably not no.

    But like I said, start with the Gallardo V2 pacejka and work from there.

    The lower loads will sharpen the optimal slip ratios/angles for that tyre, giving it a more slick feel. Then perhaps just boost a2/b2 by say 10-15%

    That will be 'ball park' ok feeling I think.