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WIP Zolder

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by William Geuze, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Some might have seen some shots already posted on virtualr.net, but for those who haven't, Zolder circuit is also coming to Racer. The source will be scratchbuilt and exported to Racer and rF2.

    When the Racer version catches up a bit, an alpha will definitely be available for having a go at :)
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  2. Looking good so far :D

    Have you set any limits on anything like poly density and count, or what techniques you might use?

    I'm not really familiar with Zolder in detail but will you be adding bumps etc, or just having a smooth splined cross-section?

    The two things that I always struggle with are cambers and heights generally... it's just many hours of watching videos and looking at photos to try get the corners and slopes right etc :D

  3. Camber is fine now, bumps I plan to add later because I want it to be properly driveable without them first. Will add them later when I actually know where they should be..

    No limits at all this time :p