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Zolder competition question

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Alida, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hi people,

    I see that there are drivers achieving laptimes of 1: 32 at Zolder.
    does this has to do that these drivers are using a brilliant car setup? or is this achievable with the default car setup?
    im pushing really hard and driving my best but the limit im getting is about 1:38 1 :37

    thank you
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  2. just fast guys out there....its a brutal world
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  3. indeed
  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

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  5. Let me edit that, its a brutal universe.
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  6. but just to get back to the question. is it possible to drive that laptime with a default car setup? or does the setup play a big part?
  7. I know the good drivers can do great times with stock setups.
  8. I don't wanna blaim anybody about cheating and I won't. But I wanna share this information with you so you guys who always hurt about my words so please don't hurt about this, thanks.

    I have driven since 1999 and I can't understand some drivers speed at all, I did my first laps yesterday and also 1.38.xxx laptimes, 6 secs gaps. Practising and more practising is the medicine, unfortunatelly I just can't understand where I can find those 6 secs, I may can do 1-2 secs better and there's still 4-5 secs or maybe more gap left. They must fly!!!

    I did my perfect laps also in Portimao comp, more than 3 secs behind winner...only thing comes to my mind is that they must have more grip, they must have more grip to drive so much faster, this same issue was founded with Race07 when drivers who used private dedicated servers where 2-3 secs faster than me in every car and every track and those guys where not Aliens, I was as fast as they until they start using Dedicated server.

    So what did they find from it so that's something I don't know but something changed at one time and after that it was always the same story, guys who I did win easily starts winning me every time even if I did very good practising before the race, sometimes they just came to server and just after about 5 laps they did better laps than me. Maybe they just find better setups???

    1 year ago I drove a national LIVE simulator competion, it has LFS sim installed, there was few LFS Pro drivers, I was as fast as they and our gap was nothing. Normally I never drive LFS sim. I know that i'm pretty fast driver, not fastest but very fast.

    I think that at least we should see top 10 drivers replay files after the competions. Atm I have seen only laps as fast as mine, never seen those Aliens laps except Greger Huttu's but he does not drive these's comps so can't compare his speed, he's fast but how fast.

    So there's fast drivers but is it possible to see how they do those times or is it top secret? If they really are so fast so it can't cause any harm to show us those fast laps as we slower drivers can't drive any faster so don't be afraid :)
  9. I also have a strange feeling that something is really wrong. i drove again a few days back, i got 1: 37. but i was so close to the limit i couldn't get anything els out of it. A friend of mine suggested that it would be cool to load the ghost car of the leaders in the competition so that we can see it while we drive? there has to be some proof i just don't believe it. maybe it raceroom that is doing it so that we cant win. i dunno.
  10. Thx for the reply
  11. can't find what?

    Just follow the ghost cars on the zolder leaderboard.

    I am sure some people are cheating, it is like that in every game. luckily r3e verifies file integrity etc... not a 100% defense, but does help.

    I think the reality is most people are just a lot better then we are.
  12. I'm at 1:37.5 with the stock setup right now, and I'm a pretty crappy driver. A 1:35.x is definitely possible with the stock setup.
  13. I did a 1:35.0 with the stock setup. This is for now a gap of 2.3 seconds to the top.
    I'm wondering how others go faster than that...
    I've been improving braking over the weeks I practice. Keep the tires moving, not blocking, what you can hear. That helped me much.
    What I don't know is how to brake with help by the throttle, and how to accelerate with help by the brakes. This is another magic to me.
    My real problem is that I don't feel FFB proper on my DFP. I have no idea when the car understeers or oversteers. My wheel hacks in corners, it is hard when steering back from oversteer and so on... . I believe that I don't feel it like others do.
    I don't want to open another thread about FFB.


  14. Edu Martinez

    Edu Martinez

    About the times, there are no cheating at all, I was in iRacing about 2-3 secs. off pace, in AC similar, and in RaceRoom like that.
    You can see DTM competition in game, the profesional drivers like B. Spengler, etc. are at the top of classification along with other aliens. They brake better and traction better and definitly drive better.
    Setup helps a lot, FFB settings too, and the skill of course :thumbsup:

    @Roman Marschall ,
    I would say FFB is awesome after update but it´s necessary to adjust well.
    Play with Steering Force Intensiry: 125-180 and with Vertical load: 200-300. Lateral force: about 25
    And then play with Force Feedback Intensity until the feeling was smooth as you want but no lose.
    I dare say FFB is so close to AC, that even I would say it is done by the same person.
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  15. lionofjudah72


    I watched a video the other day of a lap done is a corvette, it was a GT3. The speed was about 20km/h faster than I can get in the same car down the back straight of Bathurst. The Gent got to 290km\h I have not gone over 270. There is some with the speed I feel. In most tracks I am 2.5 seconds off the pace, and then I am also on the limits. The only time my speed got a fraction over 270, was with the radical, Monza I got 277km/h. I have tried gearing but my top speed is average 250-260, some cars just get there faster than others. My lines on track I really don't feel I can inprove on. If any one is 10km/h faster in most places on track, he is 2-3 seconds faster at the end of the lap. I just really can't see how to go faster anywear on this game. I try really hard
  16. lionofjudah72


    Check this video..
  17. @Edu Martinez: Thanks, I will try these settings next time.
    @lionofjudah72: cornering is the magic. How fast you are on the straights depends on how fast you exit the previous corners. That's something I want to learn sometime...
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  18. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    I've been driving sims since day one back on the Amiga with F1GP by Crammond and I remember sitting there saying the same thing as you are now, I couldn't understand where I was going wrong, sat there for hours practicing feeling like I was getting nowhere, it wasn't until I learned to back off a bit and stop pushing so hard that I actually started to improve and then moved on to take just about every record going back then in Nascar, Indycar and GP2 (enjoyed my hotlapping back then :) )

    Back off on the corners a bit, relax and let the car do the work, the speed will come in time :)
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