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Tracks Zolder 1967 V1.1

Zolder GPL Schwarzbierbude

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    Zolder 1967 - Zolder GPL Schwarzbierbude

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    Zolder 1967

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  3. It's a very nice track. I like it much better than the current Zolder, but I have to wonder, doesn't it seem a bit wide? Actually in general it feels like I am driving in a scaled up version of Zolder. The 100 and 50 meter warnings seem to be really far apart and as I mentioned the actual track seems much wider than the laser scanned track for the modern Zolder.

    Did they by any chance made it narrower? It seems strange to me. I jumped from the iRacing Zolder to this one and while one can see clearly where the track has changed, the laser scanned version is much narrower and also the distance between the turns seem longer. Some of it could be my FOV in the different games but I wanted to ask you since you have worked on it and you have done such a good job porting it over.