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Released zoka's track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zoka, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. My first track i hope i made more of them

  2. I put download link,thanks Zaxxon
  3. is there any incarvideo on the stage??
  4. I meant a link (to the downloads section of this forum) in the first comment of this thread.

    May be the cars are a little bit too big? May be not, it's just an impression.

  5. Lol ,damn link,what car Zaxxon?
  6. I understand now,that subaru vehicles they are big,i always drive onboard cam.i will update that .
    Madmike i try to take video with fraps but fps drop down to 30 fps its unwatchable,many lags,btw Zaxxon i see to 57-60 fps:D
  7. Very nice project. I enjoyed to drive this stage. Do you plan to release a version with pacenote? Thanks.
  8. Thanks gegewrc,i wil do that soon
  9. :) S14 on your stage!
  10. Damn gegewrc where you get new impreza:)???
  11. Here is video,finaly i was forced fraps to made a proper video

  12. Can you export it to rfactor?
  13. Sorry for late answer,i deleted that project long time ago