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ZERO Sim Racing Team Statement

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Will Barnes, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. ZERO Sim Racing would like to make clear that we have no knowledge of any performance altering software being distributed/used by any team members. We have provided various aspects of motec logs as well as the main FSR log to administrators in an attempt to clear our name.

    We would like to emphasize that any accounts linked to "cheating forums" such as those posted on social media are nothing to do with the team's activities. We want to ensure that the competition in FSR is clean and fair and we are happy to work with staff to provide them with evidence.

    Any "fake names" being used by team members are for privacy reasons outside of FSR ONLY. Jacques Wengler is indeed the real name of the driver of the #29 car, Jacques Kerni, Jacques Schmitt or even Jacques Wallner are false names due to privacy reasons. We understand the regulations in FSR stating we must use the real names of team members, hence the fact Jacques races as "Jacques Wengler".

    We intend to keep racing. But we understand the frustration of fellow FSR racers and wish to apologize for the frustration caused.

    PW: msc

    Go to FSR channel
    (No password)

    - Will Barnes
    Team Owner ISR ZERO Sim Racing
    Team Owner OnWheelsTV ZERO Sim Racing Orange
    Driver #28 ISR ZERO Sim Racing Pro Car

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