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Zebra and road lines best practices (FPS optimisation)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by sadistiko, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I know two ways how to achieve this. One way is to use road texture with zebra and lines, other is of useing wall lowered to road and set texture of zebra or some road lines.

    I'm interested if you have from practice what is better solution for lower FPS/better result.

    I can fine tune zebra and lines if I use extra wall object with zebra and lines but it use extra pologons for this. So, what would you guys recomend to me?

    Thnaks in advance
  2. Either a separate road texture with the lines painted on it, or a flat wall with a transparent texture, the will will only be 1 poly.
    Do you have the road dark/med/light xpacks?
  3. Do you ever sleep mianiak :)

    Yes I have those xpacks but if I will use textures for roads I will make my own because this is for left hand driving as I saw :) In Croatia we drive on right side of road. For me it's easiest to use walls for zebra and lines but I'm afraid this will be much more than 2 polis. I need to set lines on almost 70% of track so this will be some amount of polis if I want to have it right. I'll make textures in xpacker and use this for lines, and sometimes use walls where I need them (cross sections are almost imposible to get right if you use only textures from roads)
  4. I knew I forgot to do something these last few weeks!

    Nah I sleep, but I'm on the computer all day, I browse the forums each time I take a break from what I'm doing , if something is asked and I can help, I'll reply :)
  5. If your doing it for 70% of the track, make a new track texture with the lines painted onto it. it will use less resources than walls.
  6. I'm doing that way now. Only places where is inposible to get good result (cross sections or curves) I use walls that look the same way