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Skins Zain Mclaren Final

my first go at making liverys

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  1. Awesome mate,
    Nice to see your already planning updates too - great work!
  2. Thanks again original.. For case have intention to make so driver suits?
  3. Correct me if i'm wrong by the picture i can only see low quality texture?Or it's due to your graphical settings?And a suggestion the zain text on the nose is black not white
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  4. read what I said under v2 it clearly notes I saw the nose text is black and im changing it and no its in windows mode that's why low graphics it turns the res and quality down in full screen mode I play on ultra but I cant print screen for screenshot(I don't no any decent in game screenshot software) but the car is 4092 resolution atmo I will release a bigger res version in v2 just I released this quickly last night

    v2: release after midday today (cars and suits done just doing helmets)
  5. first post!
  6. Don't need to be so angry, i was too quick and it wasn't updated:D
  7. My opinions:
    1.Not bad for first attempt the logos what you changed have good quality except the text zain on nose
    2.You only put the new logos and left the rest to be default and for this the car's quality looks( crap "Original CM texture", so it's quite a rushed and pity work.You should replaced all logos with highquality ones.
    3.Don't take it as an offence as my first work wasn't any better but keep this in your mind
  8. Zain was on a race sponsor at the McLaren, as far as I followed it, but nevertheless beautiful skin
  9. ye McLaren is hard to edit as its chrome
    ye I new the side logos a bad they need fixing
    and the nose logo is poor quality due to stretching and painting I will be getting round to fixing that
    but im very busy so I just released this out there the final version will be done maybe tonight or early next week
    and im not going to re do the whole car just adding zain logos and removing the Vodafone logos that weren't on the zain car as I don't wanna sit there all day as im doing this for free im not going to put all my effort in to

    and to be fair with you if you still don't like v3(final) when I release it make your own simple really no one else made this I fought I do a quick version to get the ball rolling
  10. Nice job ;)
  11. As i said no offence.I can make far better yes, by not putting your full effort means poor work like this one.Your f1 2013 mod is great.How can that be that you put so much effort into that one and not into this one when it's only a car?I do these in my free time too but i'm not afraid to give up on my free time to make good quality cars,I rather sit longer on the Pc doing it then releasing a poor job.And to tell most of my works so far was on mclaren and it's not that hard to do. You just need to know how to edit specocc and materials to give a good combination.
  12. I agree. This Zain is just like Verizon last year or Primax for the Merc... ;)
  13. do it urself?
    I have two businesses to run i don't have loads of free time
    mate no being mean or trying to upset you but its really simple to be honest
    i did this for myself i released it on here as no one else has made this so i fought id help out
    if your not happy with it don't tell me go make your own version
  14. I don't know if you updated this, but the model you modified is perez's and you should have done that on hamilton's.In sauber perez has mclaren suit so i thought i tell you to fix it for everyone:)
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  15. no what I have done is correct thank you
  16. hmm well not bad but it's not complete? when I'm right there was a carbon texture near the exaust system in the whole weekend ?