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YourRaceDepartment Details

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Tristan Clark, May 17, 2013.

  1. Tristan Clark

    Tristan Clark

    YourRaceDepartment Announcement

    What is it?
    YourRaceDepartment is a compilation of small contributions submitted by our members, which will be published as a standalone article. It aims to provide a chance for our members to contribute their unique opinions to the website, and make for a really interesting read!

    How to get involved:
    1. Keep a close eye on our topic announcement thread to view the theme for the next article
    2. Compile a 100-150 word piece in regards to the topic for the week
    3. Send your contributions to Tristan Clark via private message, or email them to tristanclark1994@gmail.com
    4. Also submit a small bio of one aspect of yourself to appear beside your name in the article FOR YOUR FIRST CONTRIBUTION (preferably 10 words or less and does NOT have to be serious) eg. "Tristan Clark- Future Lamborghini Veneno Owner"

    Key Details
    - The Topic will be announced a minimum of 7 days before the deadline for submission
    - Will initially be published fortnightly at a time before/during/after each Grand Prix (depending on topic)
    - Contributions will ideally be between 100-150 words
    - Sometimes we may ask you to submit and discuss photos, and in this case, it’s important that you also send us the LINK for the photo so that we can credit the website
    - Please use the #YourRaceDepartment to spread the word!

    Any further questions will be handled in the Question, Answer and Help Thread.
  2. Tristan Clark

    Tristan Clark

    Only a couple more days to submit your entries guys (23.59 on Thursday if possible)! We'd love some more contributions :D

    Just drop me a private message, or email tristanclark1994@gmail.com if that's easier.

    Cheers everyone
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