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YOUr Opinion is needed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ulli Haus, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm writing on my master's thesis right now and I would like to know your opinion on the following question:

    Why do we (humans) engage in conversations/Why do we want to communicate? What is our incentive?

    I will start this one off with my ideas:

    We need communication
    - because we want to discuss our ideas and opinions
    --> need for recognition
    --> need for aknowledgement
    - because we need help and seek this help from others
    --> need information that others may have
    - because we want fun (simply talk etc.)

    This master's thesis will be on communication and how communication can be optimized! :fwd:

    With your opinions, you help me to explore new horizons :D :desire:

    discussion is open :victory:
  2. The need for recognition is a huge thing, especially when expressing your own opinion. If you can get people to accept your opinion, especially if you change their minds on a subject, this also increases your self-esteem. Reassurance is another reason, we don;t want to be thinking incorrectly.

    Also, communication is an extremely human thing. Yes, animals communicate, but not even 0.1% on the scale of human beings. Communication is something that comes very instinctively, we are essentially social animals that need social stimulation. The two things that set humans apart are communication and invention/deep thinking. If we did not have such highly tuned powers we would be nothing but cannon fodder for predators.

    Communication is also one of the very first things we do as a new born. We cry, to show pain or show need, it is completely inbuilt and is therefore entirely logical that it develops as we do. Communication is how everything is kept organised, how everyone is 'kept in the loop', so it is absolutely essential.

    Facial expressions are something only humans and primates have, this is laos an effective communication tool, often to reinforce our 'voice' or simply express amusement, annoyance etc.

    People who cannot communicate effectively are regarded as either stupid or lower class, so for many, communication is something that we are pressured into refining and improving.

    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.
  3. can't really do a callan here, but humans needs to be confirmed in what they say and do - done by talking. :)
  4. Communication is so important for humans, because humans need reassurance and kind words, and to know that their ideas are good, or if they are not, what can be done to improve them. Without communication, part of what makes us human is lost. Without a friendly conversation in the street, or on the telephone to a far-away relative, or even talking on MSN to your best friend across the road that you can't to bothered to talk to face to face, part of the human essence is lost. We may as well not exist.

    They say actions speak louder than words. I disagree. Words affect our lives daily. If someone DOES something wrong, nine times out of ten it is forgotten in time, say if you accidentally step on your friends favourite toy, however what you SAY to someone will probably last a lifetime, ie. if you confess you love someone, if you verbally spar with someone. The friend in this instance, will have forgotten all about the toy thirty years down the line, but the person you confessed your love to, whether you got together or not, is unlikely to forget that moment.

    Apologies for the lecture, hope I was of help :)
  5. If that's
    then I must ask myself, what happens if you really think about my question :silly:

    Thanks all of you for your opinions

    I believe that what this expression "Actions speak louder than words" means, is that it is not enough to use words only, if describing or talking about actions. Actions would need to follow as a consequence of what you said. Most people just waffle a lot without making their words come true.

    Imagine your spouse keeps telling you things that she wants to do with you. But the actions don't follow. When you confront her with this fact, she will probably come up with some excuse.

    Then imagine you are dating sb else now, a person who does not say much. Yet, she does things without headlining them weeks ahead of time.

    What I came across in my studies is that when your are not congruent (meaning that your non-verbal and verbal messages don't match), people are more apt to place credence on the non-verbal message mainly because they are much more difficult to fake.

    what's your viewpoint?
  6. Oh I forgot,

    I think, it's interesting that we all sort of claimed that humans communicate cause they need feedback and thus reassurance of what they do is correct.

    sorry, but I will have to finish this post tomorrow.... I'm falling asleep ;)
  7. After reading these posts, my contribution may seem inadequate. But after a bit of thought, I guess communication between each other is necessary for moving things forward in our world. I mean, think about it - talking and communicating with each other makes things happen. Would we have risen to the point we've risen to if we hadn't communicated and co-operated? Would we be able to elect our leaders and discuss important issues?

    Heck, without communication, you wouldn't be asking us for opinions on your thesis, and we wouldn't be contributing our thoughts. You probably wouldn't even be writing the thesis in the first place. Where would we be?

    Just some thoughts. :)
  8. I think quite the contrary. Your post sums up the whole complicated thing