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Your opinion about Assetto tyre physics

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by W_Akira, May 20, 2016.

  1. Better than before (patch 1.5)

  2. Haven't changed much

  3. Worse than before (patch 1.5)

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  1. This thread/pool is not meant to be a comparison with other sims or to denegrate the game.
    Just to know how you feel about the changes on tyre model and why.
    I don't know if it got more real, as I'm not a professional driver or had a chance to drive a racecar on track, actually, not even a road car on track to test its limits. But in my opinion before the 1.5 patch cars demanded more on throttle control and were less prone to understeer. That was more fun to drive (of course with all assists off).
  2. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
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    Dood, not again..... :rolleyes:
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  3. To my improvement has been great, the grip on road cars has decreased and feelings are better, excessive subvirage no longer exists as in previous versions. (A much more direct steering)

    I think every upgrade is a big improvement, hopefully in the v1.7 warming have brake false start penalties in the box ... ... and more improvements career.
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  4. Turk


    It's hard for me to judge, I don't get enough time and I couldn't separate physics changing from me improving. I did a lot of learning in AC, so my skill level has been increasing during it's development.

    I think to be really able to notice the differences you'd need to be a good driver at the beginning and put in plenty of hours to be able to notice the subtle differences. Basically someone with a professional level of attention to detail.

    I would say that the feeling of the tyres gets better communicated to the wheel each time. It's very clear when tyres are slipping, understeering, oversteering. But at the same time I can't say for sure that those things weren't there all along and I just didn't notice them as much while I was still learning how to drive fast.
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  5. I think it depends on the car or its class. The road cars I tried were better than the racing cars.
  6. Andrew

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    [​IMG] :rolleyes:
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  7. After increasing the placebo effect to 32.6% and setting the simulation value to 72, I can definitely affirm, beyond the shadow of a doubt, since your are asking for opinion on that matter, that the tyre model is exceptional in any way known to men and aliens.
  8. Setting Simulation Value to 9000 causes the simulation to run at faster rate than the simulation we all live in (our universe) which means it can spawn a wormhole and destroy our solar system or even Milky Way galaxy. Please do not set it to 9000!!!:mad:
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  9. Self-Aligning Torque from the tires (pneumatic trail) peaking at too low slip angles and going negative at slip angles as low as 4 degrees at low vertical loads with the *latest* ad-hoc "Tire Model 7" (easy to verify with telemetry), and lack of centrifugal growth and longitudinal vs lateral grip control confirms that the simulation value is not there.

    Not to mention simulation accuracy breaking down at high ride frequencies and damping ratios, causing instability and exaggerated transmissibility. As a workaround they reduced the maximum allowed damping within AC to far lower than real-world values.

    The ODE solver methods used in AC seem not adequate for this task, unless used with decreased physics time-steps (which would be a half-baked solution using needless CPU resources), which you have no control over in AC anyway. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Lack of simulation value is a majorly serious issue and no laughing matter.
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  10. Andrew

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    What has Kurt Friedrich Gödel to do with racing Sims ? Okay, math etc...but common.
    Please from now on------Stay all on Topic . ;)
  11. Can I please reply back with a video that shows the dampers frequency was fixed a long time ago, and that he's posting an outdated video.

    I don't think they did that, take a look at the same apps and setup, in both videos you see the same information. So if they would have reduced damping ratios to far lower than real-world values, that would have been visible in the dev apps; but it isn't.
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  12. Kunos stated it themselves that they reduced damper stiffness. It's most likely scaled down on a global level within AC, and even with that workaround there are still major transmissibility issues over bumps and kerbs.
    The engineer app is known to output unreliable readings and can't be trusted.

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  13. First, you don't know if that was the solution actually taken. Then when you say "they reduced the maximum allowable damping ratios to far lower than real-world values" where did you see this information from the game to conclude that, can you show us? It goes a long way between the possible solution of reducing dampers stiffness and between having far lower than real world values.
  14. Same as before.
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  15. Interesting thread.
    From just driving the cars, open wheelers are, imo, where particular improvements should be focused.
    Many of the road cars feel pretty good imo.
  16. 1.5-1.6 had no changes to the tire model, only to the parameters used on some of the semislicks

    As far as I know none of the race cars changed at all in tires, only some BoP changes for gt3 (which is aero/engine tweaks)
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  17. Chris

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    I can already see this thread is going to go downhill at some stage due to the subject matter, so just an anticipatory notice: please keep comments friendly and constructive.
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