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Your new President is at your service

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    first of all I want to apologize for the long silence from my side. We have started working already behind the scenes to set the basics for the 2011 season and we will present the first results this year.

    The 2010 Admins did a very good job on stabilizing FSR and establishing a good level of competition and Media Presentation. Which I can build on and improve for 2011.

    My objectives for 2011 are to make sure we keep the same level of competition, and to improve the rules together with the Race Directors. The 2nd big objective will be to improve on the Media presentation we had in 2010, this meaning improving mostly the Press Coverage of all races.

    However overall we are facing a difficult year, just because of the rFactor/rFactor 2 situation, which will make it difficult to prepare a Mod. The plan is to prepare a physics set for rFactor based on a FSR Mod from the past years and put it on a set of 3-4 F1 2009/2010 style chassis. In case rFactor 2 is released the Modells are going to be converted to rFactor 2 so the work teams have put into preparing paintjobs wont be lost. As rFactor 2 will include a F1 style car it will be best to use it´s physics as base and tweak it for our use if needed.
    The means we will be having 2 Mod development phases where all WC teams are invited to participate. The first to prepare a physics set for rFactor 1 and the 2nd to tweak the rFactor 2 F1 physics.

    I also want to invite, you, the community to participate in building the new FSR Season. I will open a Feeback and Suggestion Thread, where we can all discuss what we wish and hope for for next season and what you would like to be changed. Of course we wont be able to fulfill everyones wishes, but we will try to use your input as much as we can.

    For those of you who are motivated enough to go further in helping FSR, we are always looking for dedicated helpers in the Admin team. I will add my contact info below where you can reach me to talk about your ambitions.

    I understand it that the ISR President works for FSR, the Teams, and every single one of you. I´m always there to answer questions or help.

    My contact Information are the following

    MSN: johannes_kunkel@yahoo.de
    E-Mail: isrclubpresident@formula-simracing.net

    If you contact me over MSN, please add that you are from FSR in the contact message, which makes it easier for me to keep an overview.

    Now I´m just left to wish us all a fruitful preparation for the 2011 season, a merry christmas and a happy new year.
  2. Nice write up Johannes. Good luck in 2011 ;)
  3. Gd luck in 2011! ;)
  4. Good luck, Johannes :)
  5. good luck. lets get ready for 2011 i miss racing already lol
  6. so what are we going to race with rfactor or rfactor 2 in 2011? Or both?
  7. Hmmm Why not just use rf1 this season and use rf2 2012? :S You could lose drivers by doing that. But whatever is necessary is fair enough. Good luck Johannes.
  8. And we will loose drivers already keeping rF1.
  9. If rF2 comes out, for sure there will be a lack of motivation for rF1. In 2010 there were reducing numbers in WC, it would only decrease even more. No option but to change.
  10. Some info about series structure??

    WC+WS+WT or are we waitting changes?
  11. Yes in my opinion we have to change as soon as we can assure rF2 works bug free for our purposes. Of course we wont hurry into using a brand new game.

    the series structure will stay the same.
  12. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Premium Member

    I honestly rather stick with rF1. But I understand the concept about going to rF2 when that comes out. I just don't like it because all of the work on the FSR 2011 rF1 mod will be for nothing.
  13. What if say rf2 is released late in like April or May?Will we have a shorter race year instead of racing with little numbers using rf1 or what?
  14. Good luck Johannes, I hope you can make a better FSR than it already is! :wink: