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Your most EPIC online moment?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by w1y, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. w1y


    What have you done which made you think you were amazing.I'm nowhere near as good as some of you guys but had a great sprint at Melbourne last night. AFter starting at the back of a full grid I ended up 7th after turn 1 and 3rd after turn two after getting amazing traction out the corner. Then I made a stupid mistake and ran wide and lost a place. So I started chasing down the guy in front. He was really quick through sector two but I don't know what I done to my car cause I was lightning quick through the last sector and especially that last slow left. Anyways he was 3 sec's ahead before that corner and only two after it. Kept on chasing him and unlike me had a faultless sector 1 and two. IT was tense and the guy in front wasn't making mistakes either. So It all came down to that last left before the right onto the grid. I could tell he was being cautious and on the brakes early so I decided to take a risk and brake late and hard. He struggled to get his nose in and was struggling for traction. I on the other hand with my fluke set up turned in late but beautifully. NOT only that but I got amazing traction and could feel all that tension sap out of him as I accelerated passed him to take 3rd.What's yours favourite moment. Got a few cock up's which I'll post later.Sent from my iphone 5!
  2. I was driving in montreal (w/o qualifying) and i have forgotten to load my custom setup, so i was much slower. After start i gained few positions and was driving in my pace. The guy behind me was very angry he couldn't overtake me. After race he told me that i was like a pain in the a**. :p This was F1 2010.
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  4. yes really!

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  5. Most epic moment was probably a 20% multiplayer race at Montreal. I was running in 2nd for the majority of the race and was around 4 seconds behind the leader after we both switched to primes on lap 5 for our final stint. He had been matching me on the options, but on the primes it was a different story. I managed to reel him in at around 0.700 per lap.

    At the start of the final lap, I was 1.200 seconds behind, so I knew I had to push a little to get the DRS for the end of the lap. Managed to get 0.700 behind coming out of the hairpin so I opened the rear wing. Managed to almost get level with him going into the braking zone for the final chicane, but he had the inside line so I gave him the corner but made sure he had a much tighter line than I did. Got a much better drive out of the chicane (almost identical to Button vs Hamilton this year), opened the rear wing, and just overtook him as we crossed the finish line to win by 0.079 seconds. Was a buzz :D
  6. like massa this year ;)
  7. In qualify my game was stopped working and i started in race on last (nine) position. It was race of my life :D In second lap i was first and in eight lap i had 45+ sec advantage. Then came safety car and i was driving behind sc. In 2nd lap behind sc i crash to the invisible wall (safety car). I was 100 meters behind him and suddenly he was in front of my and i was disqualified.. I was really nervous :D
  8. Just earlier on taking 130R with DRS open in qually and doing a 900 degree spin into the barrier :D
  9. One moment that stays with me was a quali session in Spa. It looked like it could start pouring down rain, so pretty much all 16 of us flew out of our garages at the same time. Idiot out front tried to take Eau Rouge with his DRS popped. A few smashes and bangs later, 7 of us where out of qualifying, cars destroyed. Two others got punctures and retired, and we all decided to skip to the race.

    The other moment was a race I had just last night, again in Spa. I was languishing in the midfield, having had a drive through and needing to repair my wing. The rain stopped with five laps to go, and I decided to risk going on the options with three left. Over the last three laps I clawed my way back from 8th to 3rd closing a gap that was around 40 seconds if I remember right. I was the only one who came in for tires. :p
  10. My first ever online race, I won at Spa in the rain. I started 6th and gained first at turn one, getting Senna-Esque in the process.
  11. I joined a custom 50% Grand Prix at Monaco where all assists were turned off, Damage was on full, tyre and fuel syms were on,rules were set to realistic, and the host added 2 Legendary AI. I started 8th out of 14 human players and the 2 Legendary AI. At the start I moved to the right just before turn one to avoid the inevitable pile-up and zipped ahead to 3rd behind the host and one of his friends. As the race progressed I could hear people cursing and complaining about having to pit for tyres, damage, and drive through penalties. Near the end I got passed by Glock who immediately dove for the pits allowing me to regain the position he had taken. On the final lap I was on top of the world because I was about to come in 3rd of 16 at Monaco! I passed the finish line, and to my shagrin I found that I had come in 3rd, or, in other words, dead last, behind the only 2 remaining human players. EPIC...