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Your F1 2012 career

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Shane Butler, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Just wondering how you guys are getting along with your career in F1 2012. So if you want to post a bit about what team you are driving for and particular races that you would like to share with us, then by all means do it here :)
    Here is my career so far with Williams. As you can see, I put a lot of effort into the wiki page so I would appreciate it if you have a read through it. Cheers :)
  2. That is pretty neat man. I keep track of my stats in excel. So far in my total career I have 66 wins and 6 championships. This season in F1 2012 with Mercedes I am about the race in Abu Dhabi and have 7 wins and I am leading Lewis in the title by 20 points. Recently the car has been getting very fast due to all the upgrades I guess.
  3. Nice wiki page, always enjoy reading peoples race reports. I'm with Force India. Reached Japan in first season with 70 points, 7th place in championship just ahead of my rival, Grosjean who had 66. Hamilton just ahead of Vettel at the top. But I decided last night to restart the career after the patch as Japan was wet. I crashed out on a kerb which smashed up my front wing and right front tyre like I'd hit a firehydrant or something. Weird bug but seems a one off. Just had enough of wet races and knew the patch was meant to fix it. A few a season seems perfect, rather than most races pre patch. Can't wait to get stuck into it again post patch - I'm now faster with the change to handling and the weather should be drier. I think I might start my own little blog.

    Interesting reading your Monaco race, I had exactly the same strategy of a 2 stopper compared to the AI who all chose 1 stop. I just couldn't make a setup or save the tyres enough ot do a 1 stop. Either way I got pole and won the race due to an AI pile up leaving me 18 seconds ahead after lap 1!

    Just two things that bug me in career:

    1. Qualy Pace/Race Pace. I always setup for the race, having to comprimise for qualy, but it seems as though I can get still get slightly unrealistic results in qualy, yet the races are intense, close, realistic battles. Too often I qualify pole or in the top 5, which then alters my race objective, which I can never manage in the race with Force India. Shouldn't really matter too much as it won't affect the rival battle which is all I care about 1st season.

    2. Lap 1 pace - I'm pretty sure every would agree that AI pace at the very start of the race is just a bit too slow. If there is space to do so, I can always make up 3,4 5 places around the first few corners.

    Despite that I'm really enjoying the game
  4. Won the driver's championship in the Mercedes, mostly by dominating the last seven races with five wins. Lewis came second in all my wins, so the pressure was on until Brazil. Finished the season with 9 wins and 13 poles.

    Now I signed with McLaren-Mercedes, but the car is so incredibly good it might not be fun after a while. I won Australia by 20 seconds.
  5. Use only cockpit and up the AI, no aids and I'll bet you will struggle. :)
  6. Sauber – Race 13 – Italy

    Quali – 4th

    From free practice, I was not that confident going into qualifying and I was plesantly surprised to see myself on provisional pole in Q3. I went out for a second run to try and improve my time. While I could not, others did and I dropped down to 4th. Alonso took pole in a very tight Q3, with the two Mclarens behind him. Kobayashi was 10th.

    Race – 14th

    I got a terrible start as my first gear was probably too long, hence why I bogged down. I was in 6th on the way down to the first corner but I got up to 5th as I outbroke Vettel. Then I got into Webber’s slipstream and passed him down the inside of the roggia chicane. The first laps were quite busy, and I got up to 3rd as I passed Button, just like Webber, down the inside of turn 3. On the next lap, DRS was activated and I made good use of it. I had caught up to Hamilton and was in the DRS zone down the start-finish straight. He took the defensive line, I went to the outside but he squeezed me onto the grass. I just about stopped the car on time and made the move stick, a very fun move I must say! On the next lap Grosjean passed Hamilton to get into third behind me. Alonso was 5 seconds ahead in first place. Up until I pitted on lap 12, I had a great fight with Grosjean, which involved lots of DRS passes and even at one stage, being side by side through the two lesmos! I pitted early but it was part of my plan to rejoin into traffic behind Hulkenburg as I would get use of DRS. Seeing how effective it is here, I thought that if I could use it, then I would retain 2nd when the guys ahead pitted. And thats exactly what happend. Hamilton had jumped Grosjean in the pits and he was 2 seconds behind me in third, while Alonso was miles ahead, something like 16 seconds. On lap 17, Hamilton passed me in the second DRS zone. As I was following him closely through Ascari, I underestimated how little grip I would have in his dirty air. I spun and lost my front wing, crawled back to the pits, put on options and rejoined in a fairly miserable 18th place. That was my race ruined but I still was pushing like crazy to salvage something. Rosberg had an engine problem as I was told by my engineer, so I got passed him easily. Vergne spun at Ascari and I passed him to get into 16th. Then Vergne went straight on at turn one and passed me illegally, which disqualified him. I then caught up to his teammate Ricciardo and also Hulkenburg on the last lap. I passed them both to salvage a poor 14th place finish.

    It just shows you how tricky this game is. One mistake and you go from 3rd to 18th within a lap. Very frustrating but nevertheless I actually had some great battles for once with the AI. At least thats one positive I can take out of that race. Alonso won with Hamilton and Button also on the podium. Kobayashi was 9th.

    Drivers Standings
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  7. Very detailed Shane and a lot of progress pay off in our league well done. I cant race for a while as you know looking forward to starting again.
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