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Your Career

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dylan Hember, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Sorry if someone has already made something like this, but how are you doing in career?

    What season are you in, what team do you drive for? Who is your main rival and how is your team mate doing?

    At the moment i am in the middle of Q2 at Budapest what i think is my 3rd season. I am driving for force india. My team mate does alright in Quali, but doesnt finish well in the race.

    After the race i will post the Drivers chamiponship standers and the constructers championship standings on here.

    A quick question, do teams have good and bad parts of the season? Or if you do well in a team the next season they are a bit stronger? As when you finish a season well the race engineer says something like, you have put us in a better place for next season. Also i had 2 seasons with lotus, and since i left they are often getting both there cars into Q2. Also Renualt are doing very well in Quali, but bad in the race. Williams really struggle to get out of Q3. Also Red Bull are coming around 10th.

    Anyway post your career stats here etc.
  2. At Spa

    Me - 208
    Alonso - 150
    Hamilton - 148 (Main Rival)
    Button - 115
    Rosberg - 84
    Webber - 81
    Massa - 70
    Schumacher - 69
    Petrov - 67
    Sutil - 58 (Team Mate)
    Vettel - 57
    Alguersuari - 21
    Senna - 18
    Hulkenberg - 14
    Kovalainen - 13
    Buemi - 12
    Kubica - 11
    Kobayashi - 10
    De La Rosa - 5
    Trulli - 1
    Barrichello - 0
    Chandhok - 0
    Di Grassi - 0
    Glock - 0

    Force India - 266 (My team)
    McLaren - 263
    Ferrari - 220
    Mercedes - 153
    Red Bull - 138
    Renault - 78
    Toro Rosso - 33
    HRT - 18
    BMW Sauber - 15
    Williams - 14
    Lotus - 14
    Virgin - 0
  3. I'm not too sure on the constructors question, but I've had Red Bull fininsh 4th or 5th in the constructors one season (around season 5).

    On my playstation I am in season 6 using the controller. Season 1 was with Lotus on Medium but I had assists on and tyre wear/fuel off to learn the tracks. It was too easy, then I moved up to Hard with no tyre sim or fuel sim on in Season 2 (Toro Rosso) & 3 (McLaren) (this was also pre patch so I was getting hit with the pit stop problem). WDC for the first three seasons. Then I went for it and slapped it on Expert with Tyre & Fuel sim on in season 4 with Mercedes. I finished 4th but miles behind 3rd, but was optimistic for season 5 on Expert.

    Season 5 I won the WDC with Expert (tyre & fuel sim on). It was really good fun, and tight to the end.
    I recorded a little forum blog as I went along - http://www.psnbuddies.co.uk/index.php?option=com_agora&task=topic&id=114&Itemid=55

    Season 6 I've just lowered the AI level so I can just wizz through to the end of SP career as I just want the trophy's now. I'm moving over to the PC version too with some mods.

    Season 1 - Virgin
    Bahrain 100% race on Expert mode using a Logitec DF GT wheel (I don't have a decent table for the playstation so don't use it on that now). I qualified 12th with a 2.00 time and finished 12th in the race. I lost force feedback with 20 laps left as my lad unplugged the wheel lol. Was good fun, but I made the wrong choice by going out on Primes and the AI just flew off. When I went to Options and they were on Primes I was reeling them in, but I had been lapped up to 9th (unlapped to 6th by the time I finished).
    I am going to upgrade my PC soon to get more FPS out of it as it struggles atm.
  4. I am still only on my first season and I do long race weekends + 100% length races so it takes a while for me to get through a season. Plus I have re-started my career three times already. First re-start (in HRT) I was only one race into the career when the patch for the game came out. Second re-start I was four races into the career (in HRT) when I felt I had a tainted result due to doing a race with tire sim off (far too easy). Third re-start I was eight races into the career (in Toro Rosso) and I felt things were getting too easy for my rookie season. Which brings me back to my fourth career attempt. I am back in the HRT car, eight races into my career. I have tried a number of different mods (I play on the PC) but for remainder of this season using the HRT I plan on racing using the True AI 1.3 mod + original slow corner fix mod + racing against Legends AI + with all driving aids turned off except (hangs head in shame) I use medium traction control + I practice and qualify with fuel and tire sim turned on. But I race with fuel sim turned off. In 100% length races, having the fuel sim turned on is too much of a handicap.

    For the current career in the HRT I took a surprising 3rd place in Bahrain, 5th place in Turkey and 3rd place in Montreal. I sit in 9th place with 40 points a whopping 82 points behind the WDC leader Mark Webber. But after eight races I am 22 points ahead of Schumacher, 25 points ahead of Petrov, 29 points ahead of Massa and 37 points ahead of Barrichello. I am not at the stage yet when the game asks me to select a rival, but it is tempting to select Schumacher, Petrov or Massa as I could possibly finish ahead of these guys and get a ride in a good car for season number two. But I am thinking that Barrichello would be a safer bet as a rival. A ride in a Williams would still definitely be a step up from the HRT. But I have eleven more races to complete in my rookie season. So I have a long way to go before I think about my next ride. My rookie season is all about learning the tracks. Some of them I know from other games, some of them I do not know.

    There is so much that is wrong with this game. But I still have fun driving and find myself coming back for more punishment. :)
  5. Once i win the drivers championship i will probz start a new career. As the one im in now is way to easy. I cant use mods though cuz i have a xbox :(. But i will turn all aids of and see how it goes :).

    I am at spa in Q1, Williams and BMW Sauber are struggling to get out of the drop zone. While lotus are over a second clear of it. (both drivers)
  6. I really feel sympathy for console user's as when a game come's out and it need's some *ahem* help :D then the console boy's/gal's suffer as they watch PC player's play a totally different game.

    Back on topic I am a PC user obviously and re-started 3 times now first as most after the patch the second after it was too easy and decided to mod my third now I am in my second season with HRT again as no one offered me a contract except HRT due to the fact I slagged off my team to see if it did actually effect contract offer's, what a numpty I am suffering now as even halfway through my second season all the team's except HRT dislike me so it may be 3 seasons with HRT but I dont mind we are being competitive and I am making a new skin for the boring HRT since it look's like I will be firmly planted in it for a third season but I will let you know.
  8. No it was coz you was a kid and were told console is better by media :D now you are older and wiser, welcome we have been waiting for you lol :D
  9. lol yeah.

    I just finished Spa, Came first by a big margin. Rosberg 2nd, my rival hamilton 3rd closely followed by team mate sutil.

    Both red bulls and ferraris finished outside the points, While Heikki Kovalainen scored some points in 9th
  10. Having all these PC mods has definitely made this a better game (though there are still tons of problems). The new AI toolkit gives people the most flexibility. Ultimately I think your True AI 1.4 + corner specific AI track mods from the toolkit is the way to go ... but how will changing the specific AI track corners differ when one drives a top ranked car, drives a mid range car or drives an entry level car. It is a heck of a lot of work to find this balance and I am hoping the 2011 version of the game will have significant improvements. But if the 2011 version is nothing more than new drivers and new teams (in other words if CM does not improve the AI) I will not buy the 2011 version and then I will try to put some effort into using the toolkit to find a balance.

    I keep finding myself using the True AI 1.3 + slow corner fix + legends AI opponents + crappy HRT car because this is what I know and have decent races using this combo. But on many tracks (not all) there is a train of cars behind me and the AI cars are not as spread as one would like to see them. I probably should spend more time trying the True AI 1.4 + slow corner fix + professional AI opponents to see if that combo results in less of a train. But one always comes back to what one is familiar with. LOL
  11. That is true but I advise you to use pro AI to start or even Intermediate, yes I said intermediate, as they can be a shock to start in legend believe me I made em :D lol I am also about to start work on tailoring the tracks to the AI and will release that as a pack !

    My career feel's a lot better with them I have to say and that was the aim of enhancing them I dont use any corner fix though as it is an overall amount change and was developed for vanilla AI so sometimes with TAI you get undesirable result's hence my action's regarding the track's to enhance the career further. I had so many autosave problems before the patch and mod's that I did the equivalent of two race season's in the virgin (3 year career, also great stealth move to back on topic :D).
  12. Hi, I finished yesterday night my 7th season. I began in Hispania HRT where I was 2 seasons. After that Red Bull, Ferrari, Red Bull again (Ferrari didn't offer me nothing despite my 19 Poles & 19 wins), and finally Ferrari the last 2 seasons. This is the result:


    133 Races, 133 Poles, 133 wins, 7 Drivers Championships & 7 Constructors Championships.
  13. Should step up the difficulty
  14. I was about to say that H3MB3RD I am glad you made it to the end of a 7 year career well done :D it is a shame it was not a challenge for you and rather quick and clinical a little sterile I feel ! But well done none the less ! Oh and don't spend all that money at once ey !
  15. I began in normal and the last 2 seasons in Professional difficulty (Tire and fuel simulation off). Now I am expecting to begin a 3 years carreer in Professional difficulty with Tire and fuel simulation on.
  16. I finished my 7-year career. Started with Virgin then Virgin-Virgin-Force India-Mercedes-Mercedes-Mercedes

    3 titles with Mercedes and 56 wins, 71 poles.
  17. In theory yes, but actually the XBOX version out the box has a lot less problems than the PC version, and therefore doesn't require loads of modding to be a good game. The only real problem I've experienced is the pit lane holding and slow a.i. on 3 or 4 tracks. Reading the forum there seems to be a lot more problems on PC. Xbox never had any autosave problems, graphics issues (e.g. floating cars), etc etc. If I had a PC good enough I would probably buy the next one on PC but don't feel sorry for me and my xbox, the game is awesome.
  18. I have started a new 7 year career. I am with lotus and the main reason why i stated this career is because i am playing on expert mode now :D. I finished 6th in bahrain. I was pretty lucky too be honest. Good start but then i stated losing time. Next melbourne. A track i like and my get around 10th. But the one after that is not a favourite for me. Btw i am doing 50% races
  19. Good on you H3MB3RD :)

    Have you got Tyre and Fuel sim on too?

    6th is great on Expert mode with a Lotus.
  20. yes i have. I am using a xbox controller too.

    Melborune i am starting 18th. I went back out to do another lap, and i get a punture :mad:.

    The race has a 64% chance of heavy rain.