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Young Drivers' Evaluation Test

Discussion in 'PS4 | Thursday Night GT Championship' started by Andrew Holmes, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Evaluation Test - 31/07/15
    The New Drivers' Evaluation Test is a test event at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the benefit of the league organisers to see how all new sign-ups drive. This test will take place at 8pm on the 31st of July and all new drivers will be expected to have at least one session with either @Andrew Holmes, @Ben Milden or @Adam Morris before the start of the season. If not they cannot race. The event will consist of one qualifying session of ten minutes, and one race of ten laps. At the end, the replay will be saved to watch back with every driver to evaluate their performance to make sure they are clean. Thank you for participating.

    Cleared Drivers
    Andrew Holmes (AMH_Racing)
    Adam Morris (RDF1-AdamMorris)
    Ben Milden (MildenMan27)
    Joseph Khan (BLADEOFWAR)
    Thomas While (tomboro15)
    Adel Elyased (Mysticn727)
    Andy Graham (tigerkart_22)
    Gareth Williams (Gazer123)
    Ronnie Dewey (RADEWEY72)

    Lance Loomis (lanceracer66)
    Darren Holmes (dazholmes)
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  2. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #25 M3 GT3 - O&M Racing Premium Member

    @Andrew Holmes @Ben Milden
    Early Driver Evaluation Test From Tuesday 28th July
    Drivers:Thomas while/Tomboro15
    Joesph Khan/BladeofWar
    .After Running Quite a few tracks last night with myself and @Ben Milden seems that they are both very clean racers with a good understanding of what we want from this league and its drivers keeping cool when i applied pressure during races pushing them to go quicker few mistakes here and there but that is understandable with getting used to the cars also footage of both drivers to follow tonight just for everyone to see there progress :) keep it up guys.

    .If at any point you need help getting grips with the setups anything like that be sure to ask myself , Andrew or Ben as we would be happy to help you on right track.
    .All be online again tonight if anyone wishes to do more testing around Sakito and other races on the Calendar please add RDF1-AdamMorris and i can add your evaluation for the threads.
  3. Remember guys that this event is tonight at 8pm! If your name is not on the list above, please add AMH_Racing on PSN await an invite!
    @Mika Ylikoski
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  4. What track is this at?
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  5. Do I've seen now I've looked at the OP :D
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  6. i might not be able to do this within your time frame....
  7. The event or the league?
  8. @Adam Morris @Andrew Holmes really fun racing with you guys. Andrew, we might be in for a really fun season if tonight is anything to go by :p Really looking forward to it
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  9. Adam, how on earth were u sooooooooooooooooooooo much faster at Watkins Glen? Damn man
  10. The Bentley is pretty OP, not gonna lie :D:p
  11. i reaaaaaaally dont mind if thats the case then :D
  12. Going on tonight it looks like a possible 5 way fight for the title:ninja:
  13. I think Mr @Adam Morris is a bit too fast for me but i really wouldnt mind if i am in it :D
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  14. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Sorry couldn't make it guys daughter taken to hospital with what I thought was a broken wrist but turns out to be sprained lucky this time. Hope all went well
  15. The event.
  16. It's fine mate, hope she's okay
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  17. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #25 M3 GT3 - O&M Racing Premium Member

    I love Watkins mate one of my best tracks so far other than BRNO not far off that pace n the RUF now really getting the hang of that car
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