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You are stuck with me now

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Bawhahahahahaha, the wife got me my early B-day present which was a new subscription package for iracing. So as it stands now you guys/gals are stuck with me for the next year and three months... lol...:tongue:

    iRacing for Christmas,
    100% content,
    another year,
    She ROCKS!!!!

    She isn't for rent or sale either!!!... hehehee
  2. Haha, good effort mate. Hope my missus does the same, doubt it though. I'm impressed someone's other half is that considerate to allow their fella to spend more time in a 'game'.
  3. There goes the neighbourhood Joe :)

    Wish my mrs was like yours, Swop? you did say no sale or rent but never mentioned swop
  4. So, Nick, you're waiting for transfer period to make your offer, ey? :D
  5. I'm looking for a gal like that. My ex didn't like my racing 'addiction'.
    She had to go....
  6. That is tooo funny!!!
  7. Iracing wife swop.... dont even go there... : )
    Nice one Joe!
  8. and now you're also stuck with me :D managed to get everything sorted in time. so for the next year i'm here