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Skins Yellow Ferrari 1.0

Test I did by creating a yellow ferrari

  1. btk150

    2D God

    btk150 submitted a new resource:

    Yellow Ferrari - Test I did by creating a yellow ferrari

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  2. Nice, if you could update this I'd make it more orange but a 2016 haas livery (like was leaked recently) would be great, don't know if I can post links on here so I won't for the moment (sorry for noobishness) but it should replace manor. (Ferrari engines plus haas probably won't be fast in 2016)
  3. Also a blue and yellow and or gulf livery 2016 Aston Martin Racing car would be awesome
  4. If you do Haas F1 Team i love you
  5. btk150

    2D God

  6. a dark red ferrari with white replaced with black would be awesome and the old mclaren mp4-30 livery(which they used for first four races).
  7. helmets :):):)