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Yeah, But Why?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by F1Fan82, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. I could post 19 threads of this, but why?

    Wing: 11/11
    Brake: 47/53% - high - small
    Roll: 11/11
    Height: 1/1
    Spring: 11/11
    Camber: -3.50/-1.50
    Toe: 0.15/0.50
    Gears: the only difference (basically click all gears 3 spots to the left and adjust 6th/7th for top speed, you will be very close to an ideal setup)

    *This part is KEY*:

    Just use TC on full and keep your foot on the floor. The game will do the work for you. The words "oversteer", and "throttle sensitivity" do not apply. Might as well use ABS while you're at it.

    **Additional 'Tips' **:

    - use the grass where 'allowed'
    - go wide of the track before corners to maintain higher speed and also allow yourself a better entry angle to the next corner - examples: Melbourne (grass), China (wide corners), Brazil (wide corners), Montreal (ignore all chicanes)
    - traction control is also so exaggerated that you can get away with leaving DRS open on corners you might not expect

    Good 'luck'. Go for top 100! :oops:
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  2. When James Chant sees this it will be removed.
  3. everything you say you have to prove it in time and PSNetwork rangking... rangking you can look at and see that the time marked by me is not support ... get over it

  5. conosur1

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    It is your desire or you know this guy "James Chant"?
    F1Fan82 is just giving setups tips. Why should it be censored?
    Freedom of expression is more important than to reveal the tricks of a bad game.
    You should respect the opinions of others. This is a forum, not the page of Kyle.
  6. I change these aspects. the gearbox alineacion.y3.50, 1.50, 0.05, 0.20. the
    1, -3
    2, -4
    3, -4
    4, -3
    5, -3
    6, -2
    7, -1
    I have to say that with mine boi a tad faster, but it's a quick fix if you have a circuit Reglage
  7. Tranquility ... I think we all agree that this game has had and has many flaws that I think all fans of the games that we observed.
    On the other hand, what I disagree F1Fan82 helping small publication that promotes more traps in the game that his ability to overcome the times that are posted ... Someone has thrown the game or Codemaster has requested a refund? ... Kyle not to blame ... Is there anyone who reveal their own settings? because this forum is to discuss and improve. What you need to do is post your own settings, and wait for suggestions from others. Wisdom is a good credit they receive and, as such, have to be repaid.
    Not everyone has a G27 or a Thrustmaster T 500 or a miserable Driving Force for driving without assistance ... Note that most use the joystick.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Because its not a real simracing game. In F1 2010 the setup values were already way off and compared to real simulators the physics and values are just wrong like with every other codemasters racing game in the past (DTM Race Driver 2 :D)

    I consider F1 2011 a simcade game. Tries to give you the feeling of being a Formula 1 driver but without the hassle of having to setup your car for hours to make it a tad faster.

    Obviously people that expect too much from the setups have a desire to play realistic racing simulators. There is a solution: click here and view the long list of simulations and buy one of them :)

    We cannot expect Codemasters to make the ultimate licensed Formula 1 game as that simply doesnt appeal to the large crowd of gamers. This license is simply too expensive to only sell a few thousand copies to hardcore simfans
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  9. My setups look nothing like OPs who is obviously a bit out of date on the whole 11/11 issues, but in general i am finding apart from wing and gear tweaks (maybe some others), im using a pretty similar setup for all tracks. Maybe not the fastest, but it feels good and gets me results, so thats what counts really.

    2011 is not a sim and OP is almost 4 months (and 2 game patches) late posting such a topic like it is news to us :D

    Good that people are signing up solely to make posts like this! :eek:
  10. Well, I lost interest after reading 'use TC on full' ... :D
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  11. Yeah I'm sick of idiots who drive with ABS and TC and complaint about ability to drive on the grass. Yep it's not a sim but if you play as we do in club races you'll never do things like these you mentionen. I'd call first post trolling.
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  12. This was just an attempt to troll me over how I drive in the game, and how I do my setups.

    Also this sub-forum is solely for the use of posting setups, it is not used for discussions in any way. Not sure what Conosur1 was talking about, I just knew it was up to James Chant(Mod of this sub-forum) to clean up posts like this, or move them to the correct place.

  13. Ooh, precious much? Go ahead and use 'realistic' setups, without tyre pressures, diff control etc.. and everyone will love and adore you for the martyr that you are.

    Btw, your camber and toe setting are a bit weird, i can help you with that if you like.

    I have issues with the driving aids, and i don't use any but totally understand totally why they're there. Stop crying just because you cannot win with or without them.

    You missed the two big ones at Yeongam... It's a game mate, if you won't extract the very most out of it then, well, thats up to you, you must love losing i guess. If you have private races with your friends and agree on straight racing thats fine, on TT, and online, do what you gotta do to win or don't play and stop whinging.

    Or, play a SIM!!!

    I shall be going for top 10.
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  14. take tc off and you find your oversteer,understeer