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Misc Yas Marina Revision 2

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  1. igearzone16 submitted a new resource:

    Very Realistic Abu Dhabi - Very Realistic Abu Dhabi

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  2. I´ll like the texture sharpness but i will make a version with less vibrance. I don´t like this colours. What tool i need to export pssg files for photoshop to dds or tga files.

    thx ;)

    PS: I´m a textremodder. I´ve modded the whole german roleplaying game risen 3 and the resonance for the mod was good too. Now I´m modding Amnesia the dark descent. I like Formula One Car games and other Racing Games like the Codis F1 Series Grid Autosport, Asetto Corsa and PCars. I´m playing racing games for over 25 years. Sorry for my bad english. I´m from german.