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Tracks Yas Marina Circuit ACF1s DRS 1.3.7.Race Night 1.3.7


  1. Hello

    Big bug : a wall on the track, corner after the long straight line, on the left.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2015
  2. Thank you by your report today This corrected
  3. Sorry, but on version 1.3.5 night, there's always a wall after the straight line ....
  4. Hello

    In version 1.3.7, There's always a wall, second left corner after the straight line, on the left of the track. You have to go very slow and run on the left of the track to hit it.
  5. Hello ;)
    Since 1.3.5 i think that the "dirty dust" is a bit over exagerated, even in some parts of the start straight line.
    Great job for all the other parts, thx