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Yardley Mc Laren Ford 1973

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Hans Pohle, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. The new Car: a Revival from the legendery Yardley Mc Laren Ford from 1973. the first worlddchampion cars from the bruce mc laren racing team (next to the dead from bruce mc laren). replacement for the mc laren. the next cars are for the force india skin: BRM Embassy Shadow (the last car from the legendary Graham Hill) a future car Tabatip Shadow Ford (Villiger Kiel car) March 741 (Hans Stuck 1974) And for the Lotus: Gold Leaf Lotus Ford

    Yardley Mc Laren Ford 1973
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  3. Good work buddy. :thumbsup:
  4. the old time cars have charme, or?
  5. I like your cars but i cant use them! are to big for my PC, my game turn slow, and i cant change the size by myself because i cant open the texture with PS (Crash)

    Do you read my PM?
  6. Yes my dear!
    how big and wich cars from the RETRO PROJECT (no more as 3 :)?
    I make this 3 cars specially for you.
  7. Awesome job once again,thank you for such wonderful skins.:thumbsup:
  8. Thanks! i need them in default size (2048x2048, the car texture and specocc file).

    I like this 3 team:

    Maserati RP 1958


    JPS LOTUS 1984

    Thanks! :roflmao:
  9. Its me or its completly a fantasy work, you use McLaren Yarddley 1973 name but the car look like that, not like yours

  10. Yes Schifty: This was my inspiration. The 3d modell from the mc laren in F2012 is absolutly others as this old car: this is the problem. I make freestyle cars in inspiration from this old cars - not more.
    A 1:1 copy is unreal and not impossible - for me.
    I mean: for your cars is it no others, or?

    My Kompliment for your works!
    I drive any cars from you.
  11. Ok. i make this - i need time for this (1-2 weeks)
  12. I just love the colours on the 70/80's cars, seem to have so much more 'class' than modern ones
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  13. yo - you have right. The Red Bull and Torro Rosso have no style - overboarding colours, to much colours.
  14. looks very Retro! I like it good work keep going :)
  15. in the next hours i dowload the new version of my Mc Laren Yardley: Groundcolour is now white - not beige-white. thanks for your critic :)
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