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Mods Yamaha M1 2004 Textures Mod 1.0

Textures pack

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    Yamaha M1 2004 Textures Mod - Textures pack

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  2. Cool thanks . Was needing this and not experienced enough to do the stickers yet .lol
  3. Only a sticker is missing, on the right side of the bike as of now
  4. I am going to make a detailed mod based on this , doing the correct gauloises cigarettes labels etc. . Is it O.k if I use your base model ?
    Also , any Idea how I can put the sticker on the screen of this motorcycle ?
  5. Yes try to play with the glass textures, make sure you place it where the aplha channel is white or almost white ( visible)
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  6. MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-08 15-43-29-29.jpg
    I have found a way to make a really good sticker for the windshield. The only problem is it is showing up on the windshield too transparent , it needs to be 90% more opaque.Any ideas?
  7. Yes, opacity is described as a scale of greys. 0 opacity, that is to say trasparent, is black
    100% opacity is white

    greys in the middle are more/less opaque

    If you want to make it less trasparent, you have to make the corresponding alpha channel closer to white or white.

    You will have to place a white circle in the exact position of the sticker on the alpha channel...hope you understand
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  8. Thanks . Yes I understand
  9. Worked like a charm ;-)
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