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Skins Yamaha Factory racing/Rossi for Mclaren 1


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  1. Î’rilliant!:thumbsup:
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  2. Great job. :thumbsup:
    Great texture.
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  3. Awesome,thank you:thumbsup::cool:
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  4. very very nice, it's nice to have two to chose from
  5. Hi at all and first of all Thank's to Thimoty for this awesome and brilliant job (as always). I have one question for Thimoty or for who want answer me.
    It's possible with raceload.jpk to have 2 different car in carrer mode?
    PE: Black McLaren For Checo Perez and Chrome McLaren For Jenson.. Is it possible? Thanks for who want to answer me and excusme for my english :)
  6. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/driver-specific-livery-mod.68641/
  7. Nice compilation! :):thumbsup:
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  8. you are the man at the moment I simple love Rossi and you do a Great job thanks:);)
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  9. Yessssssss:)